A Tie for 1st Place on Line this Weekend at IWS.

If We win
We will Tie Montreal for 1st in the East
Montreal lost a A Squeeker in Montreal 23-19

Can we do it ???? Lets hope so ..

Thank you Stampeers..


Lets Go Edmonton.. We need a Win From You

well, then u may as well hope for a lions win aswell, so your 4 points up on winnipeg and that much closer to a playoff birth...even if it is still very very early.

calvillos baby finger was dislocated on his non throwing hand, looked pretty disgusting but he came back. I think it affected him though cus he didnt look the same.

well, then u may as well hope for a lions win aswell, so your 4 points up on winnipeg and that much closer to a playoff birth...even if it is still very very early.
I actually think going up two games on Winnipeg early would be huge. Because we would then have 15 games left, 4 of which are against Winnipeg. Then so much is in our control. If we win the series with Winnipeg 3-1, we would be up 4 games on them with 11 games available for winnipeg to make up the difference and hope we choke.

It's early as all hell to speculate like this, but still, a win on Saturday gives us control of our own destiny.

Toronto has lost there Game

Argos look like the Ticats did for the past few years. ouch

The bad blue ship is looking tilted.. seems to be alot of controversy going on with that organization

Are you sure? After all, they still scored 28 points. And not all by the kicker. :wink:

is kavis reed the problem in toronto?

boatmens offence scored its share tonite...special teams failed and defence didnt hold the opposing team to under 20, which is thier norm...


I have to cheer for Winnipeg. I have them on Pro-Line! LOL

Lol it's way too early to be talking standings or playoffs.


-Jim Mora

I'm not sure we should be worrying about a Grey Cup just yet, the team has shown great improvements, espeially the O & D lines. Printers needs a three second pocket to set up his air game. We have relied on D. Mac's quick release for too long. A win Sat. would be a huge shot in the arm for us all, players, owner and coaching staff. However I'd like to see some receivers in the end zone , even in the strong defensive games we've had. Maybe Beuman , Mitchel on the field will do the trick. I'll be thrilled if they just make the play offs this year ....then next year ...cup time baby !! These guys are really com :smiley: ing together..I'm becoming a beleiver again.

Eskies did their part for you and beat the Blue and added some black. Now its your turn to help us out. Beat the Wheat and we get a 3-way tie for 1st in the west

Man...I know its early...but this is damn cool!!!

So pumped for tomorrows game. People seem to be talking Ticats far more around the office over the past week. Before it was usually a joke conversation about how bad things were.

This is genuine excitement!!

Best scene ever.

A tie for first, how glorious that would be.

Here you For The Fun of it
Jim Mora Playoffs Long Version


I like Dennis Green’s blowup the best.


or Herm edwards.

"You play to win the game. you dont just play the game to just play. You play…To Win…The game.

ILH, we play the Als four times in the regular season this year, not the Bombers.

vs. Montreal:
L 33-10 (Jun 26) in Hamilton
Jul 31 in Montreal
Oct 4 in Hamilton
Oct 13 in Montreal

vs. Winnipeg:
Aug 14 in Winnipeg
Sep 19 in Hamilton
Nov 1 in Winnipeg


We play Toronto three times and each West team twice to round out the 18-game schedule.

I fully expect the Bombers to fall to 0-4 next week in their return game against BC if Kevin Glenn cannot get back on track. Their defensive secondary is also showing signs of being stuck in a toaster with no knife coming in to make the save. LOL They have issues early. They need a defensive rebound and the return of Stegall PDQ!

This is the time for the Cats to get some separation on Toronto and Winnipeg. If Hamilton has any chance of making the playoffs this season, they have to win all their winnable games this year. They couldn't beat a beat-up Als squad in Week One. They have a chance to defeat the Riders who are limping into IWS this week with Durrant as their starting QB. This IS a big game to keep the momentum going.

Oski Wee Wee,