A Ticat season a cross section of one's life in 4 months...

Think about it, this team and organization has more happen to them in one season then most do in a life time. That's why I love'm they never give up!

They bring in Greg Marshall, good move I thought. He does well the first year and then struggled. Now Western has one of the best coaches in Canada.

They bring in Travis Claridge, a huge impact on the line. He's taken from us. RIP Trav.

We bring in Marcel, hope again builds. Marcel seemed working on a 3 year plan of re-building and the organization wanted results last year. I saw the vision and it looked good

Jesse's signed to a sold deal, great move I thought. The poor guy through his passionate and intense play gets seriously injured. Get well soon Jesse.

We fight to get Timmy Chang, good move I thought, but his play showed that Timmy needs time to adjust to our game. Timmy you'll find your mojo in the CFL I know it.

We land Casey,another coup and great move. Casey wasn't ready to be thrust into play and then poof...Ritchie William's shows us how hard work and studying the game pays off. How did they miss this talent.

They have a great party at Grey Cup, the Convention Centre Staff totally underestimate the need for bartenders and ticket sellers and don't provide enough. Sooo Ticat staff take it in there own hands and start pouring themselves...great work everyone!

We bring in Taffe, a good move I thought. He brings in rookie coaches and now appears to be trying to get the hell out of dodge. If he stays he has alot to prove to get us to trust him again. If he doesn't our next coach will be better.

As in life you had twists and turns and you simply have to role with them. This hard effort of the Ticats organization will pay off.

I believe for every bad thing that happens good things happen in return. Well let me tell you this, the team, the organization and the fans have a whole heap of good comin' our way...lol

Here's to a great 2008, stability in our franchise, a tight close knit winning team on the field and a celebration in the stands.

See you soon!

I wish I could be as Positive as you Jare
But Spirit is Pretty Broken

Its not new though,its been a mess since bob took over on and off the field and I think right now all I want is the team to show some stability in one of those departments for a while to see if anything actually can develop.
Some of what bob did gets confusing and sorting it out is like a soap opera. They removed lancaster and put in katz as gm who had never been a gm and made lancaster director of senior football operations. Katz also took over president duties from david sauve at that time. David sauve was pushed back to chairman(or up?). David sauve then left completely. Its been a mess off the field and that was the area bob thought he got straightened out first, he hasnt and I hope he does get it right eventually. Continuity is what I want!!

Well thoughtout Jare. When we are watching our Cats win the Eastern division game at home all these bad times will be forgotten.

Sad how quickly someone points their blame finger at Bob. All he did was save the franchise and fill the stands. Any other team in professional sports would be so lucky to have him as their owner.

Bob admits himself mistakes have been made and they have. He may be realising now that you need proven football people to run a pro team and cant stick rookies in places and hope for the best. I have had it with rookie coaches and rookie gms. Its time for proven people and its taken bob this long to figure it out so he should get some of the blame shouldnt he? The stands he filled arent full anymore and they were full for how long? How many sell outs in the bob young era? it was half empty last year and people arent renewing. I couldnt give my tickets away last season at the end. Bob saved the team and filled the stands and has also made a mess of things in a lot of areas. Nobody can deny that unless they have blinders on. The last four months have been interesting as the post states and we need stability, bob has not given the team stability either on or off the field and its a bigger mess right now than its ever been.

Good post Jare. But when I saw the title I thought it was going to be something even heavier. Here, I'll take a crack at it.

Just like the lives of many people across the world, every Ticat season seems to start as a fresh beginning with nothing but potential and reasons for optimism. As time goes on, reality sets in and expectations get adjusted. With each passing game, one realizes that dreams will be unfulfilled. One must struggle just to carry on and the unbridled ambition of youth is replaced by the more pragmatic concerns of survival itself, and simply making it through to the next day.

Of course, that would have been too heavy for this board. (Maybe OK for a Springsteen song.)

Bob Young hired Katz who then hired Desjardins who hired Taaffe, Bob Young fired Katz and hire Mitchell. Mitchell Fired Dejardkins with his wife and Kids present.

And now people wonder why Taaffe is leaving? As Beetlejuice says stability is what is needed but how can you attract the "experienced quality football people" with a track record like that? and now the Ticats are last to the table in a season where 4 head coaching changes have happened and their two coordinators have both been let go and bring their carreer sub .500 records with them. Bob Young may have made the mess but I think he should steer clear of trying to fix anything with this team.

Nice summary Jare.

I really think we can do well next year too.

We have leaders on O and D now ,with a good DB needed to be added etc etc we'll be OK.

Well I think I see the silver cloud around the dark lining.

For years we've had a silver cloud with a dark lining instead of all of our clouds having a silver lining.

The Ticats have done the right things many times and now with the coach clearing the air, here comes the breeze of optimism folks...lol....I feel that our grey skies are gonna clear up.

Okay Charlie, you've made a big step in regaining our confidence, now build a cohesive, disciplined team that wins. You've got alot of the tools.


Yes I feel a alot better now :thup: