a thought.... please rebuttal

I recently had a moment of meditation (as most conscious beings should) specifically about the CFL and nfl. I formulated a light thesis.

The nfl has now come to mean more among the youth because of the accessibility(through viewability) it has. This has nothing to do with awareness to that accessibility, but more how it is routinely being hammered into people's households. The fact that it is on multiple platforms over multiple channels/networks is what creates the idea of its importance. So if this form of subconscious importance is created by mere exposure, does it not benefit the CFL to be on as MANY platforms as possible? Say MUCH, Comedy, and CTV. Whether or not those viewers are expecting it, but if you can cultivate the idea of importance when your program is suddenly interrupted for "THE GREY CUP"?
I will never say this is the high road, but there is never a point where anyone advertises to the highest denominator or TVO, CBC and PBS would have the highest advertising revenues in the great Lakes region.

But if gathering youth is as important as we're all told it is, this almost seems like an accurate analysis of what we 'should be' willing to do, without losing our Canadiana.

I want to be less pessimistic, but my skepticism of present exposure strategies inadvertently negates it.

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yea the CFL has ALWAYS been horrible and presenting itself to it's Nation.

marketing has improved but it still has a VERY LONG WAY to go.

I thought it was (youth) it is perceived as being "cooler"... 8)

There's a lot of cross promotion, either intentional or incidental, into pop culture for leagues like the NBA and NFL. Seeing the flava flav of the week wearing team gear be it in music videos or on stage or in magazines helps sell and reinforce the brand on a subliminal level (yvan eht nioj! for all you Simpsons fans). We've seen a generation or two now who have become indoctrinated thanks to "cool" idols wearing NFL gear. The CFL hasn't had that kind of advertising. Being identified with a cool factor is only part of the problem though because what's cool changes constantly.

Another part of the problem is that then the ones that become interested in the CFL don't have the same things to attach themselves too as we did. Even though information about the CFL is more readily available than ever the history of the league and it's teams have little importance. And there are fewer players in the CFL that fans can gravitate to. When I first became a bomber fan in the 80's we had a lot of player stability, probably 15 or more starters were with the team year after year. Currently there are so many players that are in and out of the league in 2-3 years. It's important to have those faces and names fans can identify with.

It also harder to shake that minor or bush league perception when one of the announcers with your broadcast partner has basically disparages you by commenting on some players being too good for this league and should be in the NFL ( for eg. watch any Als game called by Rod Black with Duron Carter playing).

I believe the CFL will never be cool with the youth. The NFL has the monopoly on that market. It isn't until later in life that people realize the joys of the CFL. The home town excitement. The patriotism. The history.

I was a perfect example. In my youth, I LOVED the Miami Dolphins and would not be caught dead at a CFL game - or even watch one on TV. Today, in my late 40's, I LOVE the CFL but could not name even one player on the Dolphins.

+1 for a Simpsons reference.

I'm one of the few people that became an Argonauts fan in 2012 and it was by pure accident that I did.
I had never seen a single ad for the CFL because I never had cable, and I never ever saw any local Argos promos on any TV or radio.

Exactly on the money though my friend, there may have been a few heads turned when John Candy and Wayne Gretzky owned the team in terms of star endorsements, but there is little to no exposure for the CFL I any medium. Of wha is considered pop culture. Maybe we need someone like k-os or kardinal offishall wearing jerseys in their videos. That to me is a major product awareness and endorsement that is severely lacking in this league.
The player carousel is v true mainly for the US players, which is why I think the CFL should be BOOSTING and PROMOTING Canadian talent. On top of having that identifying factor that everyone who is Canadian can relate to, the great Canadian players are the ones tha typically don't move teams constantly.
Andre Durie was a descent example of that here in Toronto, but they still shoved Chad Owens and Ricky ray down our throat. Feel like I'm blindsided like a Hans moleman getting a football in the groin.

"It's wonderful to able to think for ourselves again "
"You are watching fox!"
" we are watching fox..."

I find that is the problem with the "GND" otherwise known as the Grey Cup. I used to drag my friends to the first or second one, but now they enjoy going. We are all "young" to some degree (39-41), all being married and having young kids. I keep suggesting to them about bringing their kids to a game, but with all the shenanigans that happen, no wonder the next generation of fans takes a long time. The fathers don't want them to know what they're up too!

It's a common misconception that the NFL is so popular among younger Canadians. In a comprehensive North American sports survey conducted earlier this year 18% of 18-34 yr olds followed the CFL, while 21% followed the NFL. The NFL is much more popular among 55+ at 26%, along with the CFL at 33%. So both football brands attracts more older fans than youngsters.

According to that same survey, the CFL interest among young Americans is growing rapidly with 20% of 18-34 yr olds following our league.

So to claim the CFL is losing young fans to the NFL probably isn't true. The facts are young Canadians just don't care about football that much.

Surveys mean NOTHING - a "survey" last year indicated that 50% of people surveyed were going to watch the Grey Cup, yet the actual "survey" - the TV ratings showed that 10% of Canadians watched the Grey Cup.
If you are going to tell us about a survey, how about posting the link so we can see if it's true.
The important survey is the TV ratings and they show the NFL has been scoring very high the past couple of years and the CFL TV ratings are declining. We have discussed this over and over again and the reasons why the CFL ratings are falling.
The NFL ratings in Canada do reflect a young audience and that is reflected in the advertising.

Here ya go

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/cfl-still-loved-by-canadians-older-people-more-than-others-survey-1.2853721]http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatche ... -1.2853721[/url] [url=https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/eh-game/survey-shows-cfl-is-canada-s-number-2-sport-and-growing-in-the-u-s-204506711.html]https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/eh-ga ... 06711.html[/url]

Thanks for the link, slim. There's little question as fans become older and wiser they gravitate towards the CFL and federal Conservatives. The contention was that the NFL was so immensely popular among Canadian youth that the CFL would fade into obscurity as the older fans past on. The truth is the NFL is not that popular with youths either, with more older Canadians following the NFL and CFL.

Here is a quote from the survey:

"It is widely believed the CFL lacks for young fans in Canada, compared to the NFL," Bibby wrote in his report. "That’s not true. ... It’s just that the CFL has a far larger proportion of fans in the 55 and over cohort than the NFL (33% versus 23%). If the CFL has a problem attracting younger adults, so does the NFL. A devil’s advocate analyst could rightfully make this audacious claim: the NFL is having difficulty attracting older fans in Canada."

The survey has more than its share of surprises:

Almost one in four Americans who say they closely follow NCAA football, also say they closely follow the CFL. Among NCAA fans under 35, 45 per cent say they follow the CFL, too.

Over the past 25 years, Canadian interest in the CFL has increased from 16 to 26 per cent and the NFL from 11 to 23 per cent. The NBA has known a gradual increase from its low interest levels of 4 per cent in 1990, but still stands at only 12 per cent.

[url=https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/eh-game/survey-shows-cfl-is-canada-s-number-2-sport-and-growing-in-the-u-s-204506711.html]https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/eh-ga ... 06711.html[/url]