A Thought on the Canadian Football League

Not since the days of Russ Jackson has there been a Canadian Quarterback that has made his mark in the CFL. In fact since the rules were changed to have quarterbacks not count against the ratio I do not believe a Canadian has suited up for a game at that position. Perhaps I am incorrect but I do believe that there are Canadian Athletes capable of playing the position. In fact a few have played in the NFL however our league continues to ignore any potential talent at this position in favour of American trained players.

Third string quarterbacks have blossomed in this league into bonified starters. Damon Allen has become the all time leading passer yet at one time he was a thrid stringer in Edmonton. Henry Burris, Dave Dickenson and Kevin Glenn are all now starters who at one time were thrid string. Buck Pierce and Rocky Buttler are former (current?) third stringers making bids for playing time. Could it be possible these opportunites be given as well to Canadian Athletes at this position? Maybe? Perhaps, if there were a little incentive for the coaches to give these opportunities. Therefore I propose an idea for the rules makers of our great game.

I propose that if a CFL team dresses a Canadian as one of there three quarterbacks they be given an extra roster spot that can be used for either another Canadian or a designated Import (an import that can enter the game to replace another American as well as play special teams).

Does it mean we would have a rush of Canadian Quarterbacks ready to take the field. Not likely. But does it mean that one or two with the talent to potentially play the position get a chance. Perhaps. The rest then would be up to them.

Just my two cents which at the present time is pretty good on exchange.

I agree somewhat, the QB shouldn't be segragated from the ratio, but teams should be allowed to pick the players they want as long as they fit with the import rule.

So if a team signs a Canadian QB, they have more import spots to fill than if they whet with a American one, and visa verse.

Greeet post, realRiderFan....I agree with you on that note, great way to get the CIS crowd involved...But I still hate your Riders, of course..

Well thats hope after this weekend they will hate the bombers!

CFL Canadian-import rules seem okay. Giving special preference to Canadian quarterback isn't really necessary. For a skilled position, coaches may prefer to choose the best player available regardless of nationality, and the United States have a larger pool of talent to choose from.


I don't know RKoyama, I think the CFL should split it half and half, preseason and regular season games. What do think of this plan? :wink:

not again! they already play all their players out in 2 to 3 weeks!

Are you old enough to know what a broken record is?

I had to think about why you asked that question for a minute.... I guess kids not much younger than me really might not know what that means hey?

I still remember how annoying that noise was when the needle kept skipping....

I agree with the writer. Canadians can run,jump,lift weights Etc just as well as those from the USA.We don't have enough QBs and each club should be able to add one additional canadian QB to their team.

The u.s. might have a larger pool (again the population thing) But…that doesn’t mean that Canada has NO talent at QB. The time has come for some changes. I agree with Real riderfan. This IS the Canadian game, and I believe that Canada has more then enough college talent at QB to showcase some of them in the CFL.

All they have to do too see some Canadain QB's in the league is to change the rule of the three QB's.
Change the rule to read 22 imports and 20 Canadians and let the coaches decide what QB they want to dress.
Canadian QB's would soon start showing up on the rosters as back ups so the coaches could dress another import for depth else where.
The present third string import would be on the reserve or practice roster. That's the only way we'll ever see another Russ Jackson.

I totally 1000% agree!!! :cowboy: but it should be 22 Canadians and 20 imports.