A thank you to all the US CFL Fans

I just thought I'd make a thread, inspired by the recent thread about the Stallions to say thank you to all of the CFL fans in the United States. Whether you were living in Canada and took your love of the game with you down south, if you became fan because of family playing up here, if you ended up following players you followed in College and the game grew on you or got hooked on the league from the US Expansion, I just thought I'd say thank you for giving our game a fair shake.


Thank you very much.

Many of us regular working Americans down here, contrary to some recent posts asserting all kinds of things and excusing various displays of arrogance of some of my countrymen as are offensive globally as well, are also big fans of Canada too. :thup:

Great post Hammer. I echo your sentiments about a shout-out due to the great American CFL fans south of the border and on this site. I particularly admire Paolo's contributions here.

I know the Lionbackers.com website has a few dyed-in-the-wool Lions fans from the USA with no affiliation to Canada other than their love of the CFL game.

:thup: :thup:

He's shown great insight to our game from afar. Only thing I don't get, after all the knowledge he seems to have, is why Esks and not Riders???? And they say Americam beer is weak like water. I dunno, seems to have done a number on him when he picked his allegience. :lol: :lol: :lol:

yes Hammer, it is great to hear of Americans who enjoy and follow the CFL game as much as we do, especially considering the broadcast limitations south of the border.

cheers to posters Paolo X, rpaege and others. :rockin:

see, it is true...we Canadians ARE polite people. :wink:

Bingo for sure, great posting Hammer. Now all we have to do is figure out a way to make these guys, and gals if that's the case, permanent Canadian citizens and get rid of some of the Canadians we have here who don't deserve to be here.

Let's trade Southern Ontario for Alaska and Washington..... But on the condition that they keep Sarah Palin.

Seriously Bombs Away? That is your contribution to this thread?

Quite frankly, the CFL recieves next to no revenue from the US.... We really don't need the fans we have from there... The day the CFL even recieves 100K from the NFL Network, then I'll change my tune.

Well then would you mind paying hte CFL "next to nothing"? I mean, it's apparently a meaningless contribution so you should be able to do it easily.
Any other viewing audience outside Canada is great news. And in more than one way. Money is great but for you to get the cash, you need exposure and build a fanbase. Even if there is a relatively few amounts of CFL fans in the United States and America, this is good for the CFL. Word will spread, even if slowly, and this will help our game more.

Not a bad idea bombs, let's start a petition.
Yes the thread is good and congrats to all of the US fans and including the regulars that post here.
Oh yes while we are at it, anyway that Hawaii can be awarded a freachise, I am all for it.

I'd be up to seeing a Lions game in Hawaii! :smiley:

(Agree - rpaege is a good poster, but I am pretty sure he's a Canadian ex-pat living in the USA).

Not difficult to give such a great game a "fair shake". I've been watching since 1982 and fell in love from the very first game I saw. The fast pace, the excitement, the field size, faster play clock, 3 downs...I could go on. But suffice it to say that since Gridiron Football was born in Canada, you shouldn't be thanking us...We should be thanking you! :wink:

Yes, that’s me :smiley: I’m actually a dual citizen, but I lived the first 38 years of my life in Canada. I still get home sick, so the CFL is really important to me, as is this site, because it gives me a little toe hold in the place I love so much and wouldn’t have even left if it wasn’t for career opportunities.

I’ve learned an awful lot about my fellow Americans in the 17 years I’ve lived here. I’ve learned that they are mostly people just like me, but different frames of reference. I’ve also been treated better, and with more respect, than I was by some in Canada — particularly in Toronto where I last lived. A lot of that added respect is because I’m also Canadian.