A Thank You from Tim Micallef

My Open Letter to the great Tiger-Cat Fans

Dear Tiger-Cat fans,

As you may or may not know…I will not be back for a forth year as the voice of the Ti-Cats. My role at The Score is expanding to the point where I can’t guarantee the time and commitment the great fans of the Tiger-Cats deserve from their Play by Play voice.

It was, without a doubt, the hardest decision of my career.

I’ve traveled throughout Canada and believe me when I tell you…you guys are the most passionate fans in the CFL! This passion deserves someone who is able to put as much of their heart and soul into the job as you do to supporting the team…and I can no longer do that.

I wish I could have grown old with the Tiger-Cats, but it just wasn’t viable. I know, in the future, when I look back at the last three years I will be able to say to say it was not only a great time, but a big part of my growth as a broadcaster.

For the folks I got to know pretty well (you know who you are) I just want to thank you for treating me like one of your own. From chatting in the west endzone before the game, to those who made the trip to Halifax for a black and gold party on the Atlantic…I enjoyed every minute of it!!

If we didn’t get the chance to talk I’ll still be around the stadium, website, team and fans whenever I can so don’t hesitate to come up and say hi.

I’m not trying to be sappy, but just wanted all of you to know how much I appreciated the opportunity to work for you…and that’s the way I always looked at it. I worked for the fans, and if that came across in the broadcast than I did my job.

I leave you in the most capable hands of all. Coach Sal!

John Salavantis was invaluable to me...and you guys still have without a doubt one of the best colour men in the business.

He was not only mentor to me, but a great representation for you the fans!

So Thanks to John Salavantis for always looking out for me...and thanks again to you the fans for making me better.

Oski Wee Wee!

Thank you Tim for being such a great ambassador of the CFL - the greatest professional sports league in the world.

Best wishes in the future, Tim. Thank you for your efforts the past three years.

Oski Wee Wee,

Tim I enjoyed your personality, and I hope your first post is not your last!

Right on Tim, big fan of chatting in the west end zone myself. I'm gonna miss hearing you do your Borat too. Thanks for everything buddy.

Wouldn't you know it, Tim, just when you're having fun
your career gets in the way and pulls you away from us.

Best of luck, Tim. You have got a dream job there.

Keep doing 'whatever floats your boat'
sounds like a good plan to me!


Even though I know you're a Taranna guy
I know you became a fan of this community.

I saw you at a Mac b-ball game
so you have got to be, right.

I think you may have even paid to get in

Becoming a Hamilton Ambassador isn't
a bad result from your 3 years here.

I've never heard you guys call any games, but you all do an admirable job on the score, you guys act so natural on set compared to the other nets where they all sound like a bunch of androids programmed to talk about nothing but hockey, and the fact that you guys don't have a 152 hockey analysts is nice.

tim thanks for your 3 years with us,continue to do well and suceed where ever you go.

Thanks Tim, A great personality and a class act all the way.

Congrats on the new role at The Score and im still looking forward to seeing you on NBA broadcasts… one more question, do you STILL actually think LeBron is better than Kobe??? :slight_smile:

All the best :slight_smile:

great job Tim. Good luck. Now just put some high def programing on the score high def channel !

Tim, Congratulations!

Great play by play announcers make it sound so easy that you barely notice them, resulting in the listener experiencing the game not the broadcast.

Tim and Coach Sal did a brilliant job. The best part was having the opportunity to follow their consistent improvement over their three years together. While losing Tim at this stage is disappointing, it is always a pleasure watching hardworking talented staff being given ever greater opportunities.

The Tiger-Cats is not an organization who will ever hold staff back from advancing their careers, whether within the Ticats or elsewhere.

Our job now is to find someone even better!
(Sorry Tim :wink:)


Thanks for doing such a great job!! I wish you all the best. I got a glimpse of your sense of humour on the Ottawa road trip in 2005. It was a great time. Keep having fun and you'll do fine.

It was always great to hear Coach Sal and you as you called the games and I listened on the internet. Even tho' I was sitting in Pennsylvania I felt that I was seated in Ivor-Wynn enjoying the game. Thanks for the past several years and I hope that your career continues to go up.

Tim Micallef:

Whether it was calling the Cats, or the Rock, you to me TM are the future of Canadian sports broadcasting and commentary.

Always there to help the fans, and passionate about our games, your my friend are a true Canadian and true sportsman.

Two short stories about Tim.

Prior to "Touchdown Atlantic" I knew Tim from starting Les's Fund-Lacrosse Fans Fighting Cancer. I wanted to start CFL Fan's Fighting Cancer and as alot of you know, I joined forces with BomberFan Stan in Halifax, well we raised alot of money. For Jeff's Fund, a childhood cancer support fund that helped parents be with their children when they were getting cancer treatments out province. (The Easter Provinces didn't have cancer treatment facilities for children at that time.)

What alot of people don't know is that I felt we didn't have enough CFL stuff for our silent auction.

Anyways, I went to the open practice in Halifax hoping of getting autographs for the jersey's Reebok donated and saw Mr. Mcallef. Tim immediately came over to say hi and then, went out of his way to introduce me to every network sportscaster and news crew who was covering the game. Needless to say we recieved some amazing things from TSN and more donations, Chris Cuthberd opened his wallet right on the spot saying I can't come by to the auction but put this towards Jeff's Fund. Tim really helped our Silent Auction be the success it was.

Second story, after the lacrosse community lost a mentor and hero in Les Bartley, we had a remembrance gathering to sign a book of condolence. I emailed Tim 30 min's before he went on the air and asked if he could mention the time and place for our event was. Without any questions Tim made it happen.

This guy really cares and respects the fans of Canadian football and lacrosse.

Timmy, please drop by the BoxJBoy tailgate parties, for a bite and a drink, when you are in town...you are always welcome buddy!

All the best in the career
and see you on the air!

OK, I admit it. I drove to Mississauga to get your radio broadcasts. I wouldn't cross the street for most of what passes for football broadcasts but I really enjoyed yours. You're partly responsible for my partial transition to TiCat fan.

(For some reason, we can't pick up your station from West Toronto.)

An Argo-Cat fan

Best of luck in the future Tim. You are going to be missed.

Tim, you did a great Job with the Cats. I enjoyed your Broadcast when I was unable to attend games. Keep up the Good Work on Score & Good Luck in the Future

Tim, live long and prosper.

Tim, you arrived in 2004 amidst a great deal of controversy within the fan base ... the Club was changing it's direction and you were replacing a veteran brodcaster ... you handled it with class.

Good luck to you mate!