A Testament to how PITIFUL the Toronto Market is for the CFL

Move TO to windsor, then TO can have their NFL team which won't last as long as the gliebermens.

Immigration must have something to do with it. This multi culture shit is changing the outlay of this country. The new people that are coming from places that have no idea or even care about our league or traditions. Not a anti imigration rant ,it is just the sign of the times. Any canadian tradition the we grew up with will be gone in 10-15 years. Hell even hockey is being turned into a gentleman sport.

I will admit the first half of the Grey Cup was slow, but the second half of the game was really good.

I am drawn out of hiding again.

Don't worry, your traditions are safe. Kids do not play cricket on city streets. Global warming will cause far more damage to the game of hockey (no more frozen ponds) than immigration.

There is so much more to being a Canadian than the sports you watch. Our national values run much, much deeper, and I would suggest that most immigrants would not bother to come here if they did not share them.

Canada has always changed from one generation to the next, because the immigration has never stopped since day one. And even if we put up a giant fence like others do, the world (and Canada) would continue to change, because that's just what happens. You can't stop it, but you can learn to enjoy the multitude of benefits.

Actually it's the vicious, blanket insults that tend to draw me out of hiding,
You know, ExPat, you actually forced me to go back and re-read my own post ... when I read words like VICIOUS, and INSULT, in your response - I thought I had INADVERTANTLY posted a private letter I was intending to send to the Prime Minister of Canada ... imagine my relief when all I read was my ORIGNIAL post !

What you term an INSULT, I like to think of as an OBSERVATION ... for reasons as varied as the people in the City of Toronto, they simply are not IN TUNE with the Tradition that is the Grey Cup ... and so I stand by my original statement - in terms of the gross population to CFL viewership RATIO - I would suggest, Toronto, is a ...

[**insert adjective which adequately captures the low level of interest expressed by the people of Toronto towards the Grey Cup] CFL Market.

**I chose PATHETIC because I thought it adequately captured the SAD AMBIVALENCE of this Country's most heavily populated city ... sorry you took so much offense ...


P.S - What word SHOULD I have used ?

Apathetic is so much better than pathetic.

What the #$%^@ is Prison Break?
Never heard of it.


Actually he used the word center properly.

Center refers to a point as in the center of a circle or as in this case the center of the universe.

Centre refers to a building or an establishment such as The centre for the hearing impaired!

You are treating Prison break like some people treat the CFL.....Don't pass judgement until you have seen it!

Fair point. I should have been clearer about my intention. It wasn't meant so much a comment about that particular show, which you're right, I know nothing about. You see, I don't watch any of the network drama or comedy shows. They just don't appeal to me, not my taste, I'd much rather read a book. I prefer documentaries, public affairs shows, the odd BBC drama series... and CFL football of course!

Not according to the Canadian Oxford Dictionary.

..... which is the authoritative dictionary of the English language in this country. Banish U.S. spellings and usage!

Any game played after the 2005 Grey Cup would be a bit of a letdown, imo put the 2006 lions up there with all the great championship teams

To paraphrase Derek Zoolander, I really really really really really really hope the Cats hire the new head coach PDQ so the threads pick up a notch...

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,