A Team Mexico vs Team Germany Game

I would like to see this to gauge ability. Like an allstar game. We could work it into the summer preseason schedule and play it in one of the CFL parks. I think it could work into the commissioners plan and we could see how they do. Starts to introduce the 2 countries to the CFL. What do you think?

A Canada Cup would be better.

Make it only 12 minute quarters or something to make it less taxing.

we need to see their ability before putting them up against a CFL all star team.

You don’t have to put them up against a CFL all star team. Each province could field their own team.

Just typing aloud here.

I would prefer to see a FIFA style champions leauge tournament, or a FIFA style would cup (rather than calling it an all-star game)

I think you’d see better play from a club rather than all-stars. I have no idea how the seasons line up, but if you took the Mexican champion vs the German champion, that would be pretty cool. And then while they’re over here they can each play another game against a CFL team as a pre season game.

Edit: it would be somewhat similar to what’s happening in rugby this spring the new Boston franchise is hosting the “a” sides of the 4 Irish pro teams in an kind of exhibition tournament.

IMHO, the CFL simply needs to look to rugby (vs. soccer) for ideas on how these international experiments can work. Mini tournaments hosted in one location helps keep costs down while at the same time making it a special “event.” Maybe even look at a scaled back, shorter version of the Canadian game - again like in Rugby 7s.