A team-by-team look at the 2022 CFL Draft

TORONTO — Now that the 2022 CFL Draft is in the books, fans are anxious to see how their teams fared across the six rounds.

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Quick look @ draft - BC did very well, as did Mtl, Toronto & Ottawa. Elks, then Riders & Stamps. Hamilton got 1 guy, Federico who was highly ranked but also picked up a good OL & ST by trade. Bombers pretty much sat out the draft. Their one high ranked pick is a good one & in a position of need while Alexander is out. Trading for Lawson gives them some depth @ DT.

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Customer came into the store this morning, bought a bunch of footballs. I commented that someone was a football fan. She said, "My son is getting drafted today." Turned out it was Noah Zerr's Mom.


Cool. Funny, but I thought the Bombers might take him if he was still available. Missed it by that much.

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Well... we got a Canadian DB for added depth and a big bodied Canadian DL to possibly maybe someday replace our missing Stove. That's about everthing Kyle Walters wanted to get out of this draft I guess.

Carry on everybody (congrats to the rest of you)

Couldn't have said it better myself. :grin:

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Ottawa did the best picking an OL in the first and second rounds.
They need to protect the QBs.
Looking through the past 5 years of the Cdn draft you can see that the Canadian DBs picked will be groomed as safety or assigned special teams. Same with the DLs and LBs picked, all become special teams and backups.
The receivers will be backups and groomed to start at the Cdn position eventually, none will start in their first year.
Half of the players picked will be gone by the end of training camp.
The Canadian QB, Ford will likely be kept around on the practice roster. With teams going with 2 QBs on the active roster, it gets more difficult to keep more than 3 QBs around

Can't disagree with that. IMO I don't think Ford was picked that high to sit him on the PR BUT either Barrett or Ford will play an "advanced" Jordan Lynch role in Edmonton. As 1 panel guy mused, it will be interesting to see how the Elks use the new 2 QB rule. I can see some hybrid of the "wildcat" with 2 QB's in the backfield & the snap going to either one of them. The tweaks to the rules to promote offence are giving offences some new wrinkles to work with so I'm guessing some coaches are going to figure out some new innovative ways to take advantage of them. At this point, it's all conjecture. Fun, fun, fun.:clap:

How can anyone judge how well any teams did when none of us know just how good the vast majority of these players are. Most of us have never seen ANY of these guys play at all.

Ottawa signed some vet FA Candian O-Linemen this off-season - Steward, Ciraco, Ruby; plus they have 2 O-line picks from last year's draft (Berglof & Derks) signed for TC, and they have several former O-Line draft picks who got some playing experience for them last year on the roster for TC as well. They did manage to draft 2 of the top O-Line prospects for this draft, but they have way too many O-linemen and can't possibly keep close to all of them (maybe if they wanted to go all Canadian on the O-Line it would make more sense, but that is doubtful) - why would you use your top 2 picks on O-Linemen when you are already flush in bodies for TC competition? Unless, the 2 new guys are viewed as studs who will blow away most of the current guys in short order ? This IMO equals big time over-kill that some CFL GMs fall prey to with their Canadian roster thinking. Learn to grasp that Canadian talent is available at other positions and spread it around instead of this "depth" over-kill. Seems to me, Ottawa could use more RB competition for TC, and they could have drafted all-Canadian RB Rasheed Tucker from just down the road in Queens.

The Lions drafted 3 DE types last night; when they had signed Menard & Betts this off-season and plus might be able to sign last year's draft pick DE Daniel Joseph. What ?- do they plan to go all Canadian at DE with 3 back-ups ??? Again - big-time over-kill and can't see carrying near all those guy - I get the desire/need for lots of TC competition and so-called "Canadian depth", but when their is opportunity to address other position areas that have need as well, to totally ignore those and over-load at one "Canadian" position = very myopic IMO.

Yes. Congrats to Shawn Burke for sticking to 'Plan A' yesterday. I think Ottawa totally nailed this draft.

They got a much needed OL upgrade. I hope Masoli can get on his bicycle and buy some time (maybe he should also buy some steak dinners) until his newbie blockers get the hang of things.

That's the point - the guys picking, unlike ANY of us, have seen the guys play - lots. :smiley: In a weak draft like this year, it makes sense to load up on picks in the 1st 2 rounds rather than drop out of it. Pickings they say are slim further down. Now if you can get a 2023 draft pick, or potential starters like Hamilton, or a depth player, like DT for Winnipeg, that's probably worth it. Still risky but IMO Lawson, & Ford @ 13, is a good deal for Philpot @ 9, which is how it worked out.

So ... you just agree with all 9 GMs that they did well then ...

By that reasoning how could any of the teams have done any more poorly than another?

No. All GM's have bad & good picks. But you can look back & see how things pan out with higher picks. So I did.

Considering the average career is 4 years, I looked at the 2015 CFL draft 6 seasons ago - 13 of the 18 1st & 2nd rounders are still active, 1 (Karl Lavoie) retired due to injuries & 1 (Brett Boyko) is unsigned. Of the later rounds there is still 1 from each of the 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th rounds in the CFL on a quick count. I may be off by a couple but not much. Nice thing is it can be fact checked. In other words the bulk of the 64 drafted that year still playing were picked in the 1st 2 rounds.

Look, you & I can do mock drafts & be as right or wrong as anybody. In fact I did a mock draft of the 1st 10 picks for fun & posted it & had 1 & 4 right & stated Jones might pick Ford. Obviously I didn't agree with 7 of the picks & the GM's that picked them. But I do think you gotta place your bets with the guys who have a history of performing well & have earned their ranking. We'll see PD. Ciao. :slightly_smiling_face:

What a wonderful story and experience - thanks for sharing it!

I haven't heard much from the Tiger Cats re: draft or much of anything in some time. Are they in good shape going into the new season?

Marshall Ferguson has a long history with the Cats & does some nice stuff on them. The TiCats were his team for who "won" the draft this year. They're probably considered a favourite in the East again & look to have a really strong defence. Well run team.

Great experience Prairiedog72!

A little side note: If Noah's mom shows up a few days later and tries to return all those footballs, employ the 'Hamilton Strategy' on her. Store shop owners everywhere are raving about the 'Hamilton Strategy'.

Instead of giving her hundreds of dollars just take a knee and give up the single. :smiley: :+1:

Just going after the low hanging fruit? Gotta love hindsight. :smiley: I defend the 'Hamilton Strategy' because many of the great coaches would have done the same.

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What - he's saying the Ticats won the draft by factoring in the trade with the Elks? Othewise, they did quite well for their position IMO.

But. The Argos, Stamps & Riders did way more with their picks though IMO.

The Elks & Bombers (pathetic) were at the bottom with D minus to F grades IMO.

I agree. And calling any play outside the box that epically backfires in a championship game could have had dire career consequences later on.

Anyone remember that 'crazy call' Pete Carroll made near the goal line that handed Tom Brady yet another Super bowl ring? Championship football game decisions usually err on the side of caution. Not so that day.

Carroll was rightfully villified by angry Seattle fans but from IMHO he was just doing the unexpected which is what always worked with great battlefield commanders like Patton (and Captain Kirk in every Star Trek episode).

Personally if it was me making that call I'd have handed off to 'Beast Mode' which although predictable, was the safe thing to do.

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