A taste of what to come!

Just a little video I did for the fans. Lets all try to get out to McMaster and welcome them all back.
Training camp begins May 29th :rockin:



Great Job Brucie!

Really enjoyed that.

These players and coaches look intense!

Very, very impressive, for pete sakes, I enjoyed that more than the SC playoff highlights. Audio is awesome as well and Bee Gees, well, works great with this. 13th Man Productions, will keep them in mind should I need something done like this. :thup: Fantastic.

If you look at my You tube channel, i made a different video, for each day!

Here they are you all to enjoy!

Day 1 of mini camp


Day 2 of mini camp


Day 3 of mini camp


See you all on May 29th for Training camp!
Oskee Wee Wee!

Thanks Bruce 13th Man great job. :thup:

Great job! Love them! Thanks for sharing! :thup:

keep up the good work Bruce!

These snippets are great. :thup:

Well done, Bruce! Keep em coming!!

Sweet Vids 13th!

Are you riding a segway on your way into the stadium in the first vid?

If you are, I'm jealous!

LOL, No segway here man, that was a Go Pro Hero 2 on my bike handlebars!

Thanks for the sneak peek at our guys. It's really great, especially for those of us who for various reasons aren't able to attend the camps. It's nice to get early looks at some of our rookie players, and to finally see our FA signings in black and gold.

Not sure if you take requests, but if you have any "cutting-room video", the stuff that didn't make it into your finished YouTube videos, of any of the rookies , it'd be great if you could post it somewhere, like what you did for Duvalt. (Thanks for that, by the way. He looks pretty good from what I saw.) I'm particularly interested in seeing anything on Francisco (#82), Walker (#29), and Rwabukamba (#32 - I know, not a rookie, but we didn't really get to see him much last year).

Great job.

Great job!! I was there for some of the Day 2 stuff, but had to leave a little early.

CFIO, Rwabakumba wasn't at mini-camp. I do have to say I was very impressed by Walker though. Speedy and tenacious little bugger.

I suspected that Rw...ba wasn't there, as I hadn't seen him in any of the clips. Thanks for confirming.

And I had heard that about Walker somewhere else too - Drew's blog, perhaps? Just wanted to see for myself.

Great job! I am so excited about this season, and that I cna bring my little guy (3 years old) to the games as I did when I was young!


Make sure you get lots of pictures of him at IWS during its final season!