A talk with J Barker January 30

Austinpowers oh please enlighten me on Stamp issues I need humor. Sambo regardless of your thoughts about J Barker. I would still believe what Mr Barker has to say wether his opinion turns out wrong or not. I am joyed you have concerns for the Stamps though keep up the good work.

I didn't want to get into a discussion about the riders on the calgary forum. But hopefully, this may address some of the confusion. Tillman went out looking for a new head coach. He told the local media all the assistants were staying. I don't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Head coaches usually like to pick their own assistants. Anyways, back to the JB comment, JB is smart enough to know that Richie Hall has been interviewed a few times for other head coaching positions....would he be disappointed yes, could he feel like he only has a job because he was protected by the process yes sure, same as the other assistants there.

I suspect part of the reason Tillman went with an internal guy first was to deal with some of these particular feelings. It would be difficult to bring a new head coach in and tell him the offense isn't going to change and the assistants aren't going to change. So in his initial assessment I suspect JB is was right about this one.

Besides give the guy a break he has had a rough year, with the higgens problem....and trying to rationalize that glassjaw isn't going to become a problem them.

Good post Mike and yes it was tough on JB. Glassjaw is that a town in Saskatchewan?

...and the reality is sambo that this being the Stamps forum and all rw05 could pretty much post whatever he wanted about whatever team he wanted with a huge amount of impunity...that's what these individual rooms are for...if you don't like what you see, tough....

....in the main forum a whole different story, but in here Barker's word can be good as gold, whether it is or not....