A talk with J Barker January 30

Read it. Not angry. Dont agree with you. But I will try to do this. Accept your opinions as your opinions. Now tell me this. 5 reasons the Stamps will be better. I think they could be better. But want to hear 05 on the Stamps.

Austin I told you that they need to improve several areas of the defense. They have gaps in the Defensive line and line backer. The young guys in the back field maybe adequate this for some is their second or third year. The other area that has greatly improved is in the HC. The media fiasco with the hiring of a New coach while Higgens was still employed was a disaster with the timing. But the Hiring of media man Mike Petrie should remedy this. I believe our offense is solidified and improved with DD in there last year if Henry got hurt it was difficult to replace him. Although Sankey coming in late last year could have been adequate if you ask me. I am not totally sold on DD because of health reasons. So I would bet if they do not get a good trade with Sankey he will be kept on the roster. In the hiring of M Petrie that was a good move this will stop any rumors or media guessing from happening. I would suggest that Tillman being a media nightmare should do the same. The Stamps have challenges ahead of them but I believe they are going in the right direction. As for your riders what is happening now happens to teams that get successful. They can fracture very easily if they do not control it and Tillman is not doing that. The loss of Austin will hurt more then you think.

...lol, this thread sure took off like wildfire...

Well Red I thought I would appease the gentleman. After all he asked and now he received. Now his answer just might suprise us. :lol: :lol:

Was that answer about Calgary? Or was it about Saskatchewan?

5 reasons Riders will be better.

Defense will start off like it was in playoffs if Davis back.

Congi will have better year.

Cates will be healthy.

Offense not new. The players know it.

Players say watch new receiver Marshall.

Dude...this is a Calgary forum, not a Rider forum...

...lol, its o.k. jm, AP is looking for debate and as long as he remains civil about it we're a pretty welcoming crew in here...so lets play this edition of:

5 reasons Riders will be better

Defense will start off like it was in playoffs if Davis back. - very possible, but I see you inserted the big 'if' in there yourself and saved me the need to point out that little factoid. Also possible, but not very likely, that Hall will not be the same motivated person he was last year and the D could suffer as a result.

Congi will have better year. - LC had a pretty decent year as it was last year, tough to improve on that (ask DeAngelis how hard it is to match a near perfect season). LC will have another good year I'm sure, but his contribution will not make the team
'better', at most his contribution remains the same.

Cates will be healthy. - all teams start the season healthy, and Wes could blow a tire in TC or game #1, you simply don't know.

Offense not new. The players know it. - May make a better argument once your QB situ is finalized, 'cause if KJ goes so does your season.

Players say watch new receiver Marshall. - Never heard of him, I assume he is some raw talent that didn't see play time last year. Don't be offended by that, I'm sure I could dredge up countless names of players you've never heard of either, players that were supposed to be the next great thing and never panned out that way. It's good to be excited about up and coming rooks, but claiming they will vault your team into the playoffs long before training camp has even begun is a foolish pastime. More often than not they fizzle. Best you can do with that one is keep the statement in your back pocket now and pull it out in say nine months and say 'I told you so R&W, I told you so'.

If you would have read it you would have notice DD was an improvement meaning that I answered your question. You asked about the Stamps I answered. I did not ask you about the riders so not sure why you posted about the riders in the stamp forum but you did. Confusing yes. You ask you receive and you totally ignore sounds good for you.

Looks like JB may be wrong about the so-called backlash 05..

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=22845]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... &nid=22845[/url]

...very classy words from Hall, good on him...

Really Sambo what would Hall say in this position? If he does really feel this way it may be that he was told if Miller does not work out he would be the next guy. Who knows?

I agree R&W, Hall enjoys coaching, peroid. The point is 05, is that you are trying to create a controversy where none exists. It may be he might be the next guy, or that he may leave if another HC position opens up somewhere else. As of right now, the coaches are happy to be where they are. End of story. Barker's opinion the Rider coaching situation are way off base.

...ah, but Barker's opinion was offered long before Hall's words were printed, lots and lots of riders fans openly worried about the same thing JB voiced, if JB were asked today about the same question I'm sure he would offer a different opinion, do you not agree?...

Maybe not, R&W.. his opinion is his belief that the Riders would take awhile to put a coaching staff together. All the Rider assistants will be back, so much for the opinion Barker's comment that "a backlash from the coaches they have now who don`t get picked and that it could take a while to get a staff setup."

...oh well, JB had an opinion, big whoop...if things are truely hunky-dorey then you shouldn't really worry what anyone over here says...

I'm not really worried, just showing that you can't take what Barker says as gospel. I don't think you are, but the author of this thread is.. just showing him that Barker can't be right 100% of the time.

What are doing over here sambo? I will use your favorite word. Trolling. Barker made the statment like everyone else in this word he is entitled to his opinion. Why is it you can not take an opposing opinion with out whining? At least Barker is not on a fan site yapping about players personal information. But that is okay Sambo you keep up the good work. We need more wine!

Who's whining? All I said was that his "opinion" was not entirely accurate, so his information was wrong, and by posting it, you believed it to be true.

05 its this simple. I was trying to have a conversation with you. Not an argument. I think. You think. We read. We learn. Thats all.