A talk with J Barker January 30

recap: From SMS trojan97

JB is in El Paso, Texas at the Texas vs the Nation Bowl (a ghetto version of the Senior Bowl).

-Rolly Lumbala, graduate of St. Francis High School in Calgary and currently playing for the Idaho Vandals is taking part in the game. I had the opportunity to play against him in High School and I must say hes not only a tremendously talented player but very classy and likeable as well so congrats to him on this accompishment. Rolly has grown to up over 250 pounds and is now playing FB. JB says Lumbala orginally projected to be around a 7th rounder in the upcoming draft but said his impressive week of play and testing could bump him up a couple of rounds in the eyes of many teams. Says he was very proud of how far hes come since leaving Calgary.

-Talked about Corey Holmes being released. Barker talked about how this is the time teams will begin clearing room for free agents which opens in 2 weeks. JB said he wouldnt be surprised to see Holmes back in Sask at a reduced rate if free agency doesnt pan out him or the team.

-Barker asked whether more high profile players will end up being cut by their teams before the start of free agency. He figures about a handful more players will be let go onto the market. Says there`s a fine line when playing that game for both the player and the team.

-Jock asked again for an update regarding Dave Dickenson. Barker had no comment and said Huf would report something if something needed to be said.

-JB asked about the George Cortez situation and said he was surprised the Riders havent made a decision yet with free agency and the CFL draft preperation looming. Said there could be a backlash from the coaches they have now who dont get picked and that it could take a while to get a staff setup.

-JB talked about Roy Shivers coming back and seems to have a ton of respect for him. Said he hasn`t seen him around the bowl games but Roy likes to do things his own way Said it was a great hire for BC

-Broke down the Super Bowl a little bit, nothing too exciting. JB did mention that Nik Lewis would wear a walking boot similar to what Tom Brady was wearing because its a very effective therapy method. Says its of no concern that he`s wearing one.

Nothing great from this week. Mostly just Super Bowl talk.

You say JB said Rider coaches would be mad after new coach hired. It would take a while to put staff together. Riders have announced every coach is staying. Every coach. Same day Miller becomes head coach. JB is like a lot of Stamps fans who like to spend there time talking about Riders. Need to worry about Stamps.

I did not say it JB said this:

Said there could be a backlash from the coaches they have now who don`t get picked and that it could take a while to get a staff setup.

Again your either playing stupid or your dumb the reporter asked Jim the question he answered it. You came in here to read it and don’t like it to bad. Next time read over and over so you can understand what is going on.

..further to that, just because a coach is staying on doesn't not necessarily equate to that coach being particularily happy about the situation....how many people do you know just up and quit their job because they don't like their new boss when their chance of getting a new job the next day is slim to none?...

...ap, go review what is being said on this very issue in your own forum...many rider fans are openly worried that Hall may bolt at the first opportunity for being overlooked as HC....

...the only reason stamps fans are interested in discussing the riders is because right now it's like driving by a car wreck...you don't want to look but you can't help it...

Well as posted in the Perry thread yet more trouble. Tillman seems to look for it. But this is the stamps thread so I will not get into it.

Riders train wreck? Funny coming from a team that has not won 1 playoff game in 2 years. Funny coming from a team with a new coach before there other coach is told hes fired. Barker on radio this. Barker on radio that. Maybe he should win a playoff game. If not he can be on radio all the time.

05 you love to run down Riders. Talk about Riders more than Stamps. How does this feel? Shoe on other foot. Win something. Then you can talk about Stamps.

They can talk about the Stamps and run down the Riders all they like, ap, since this is the Stamp forum and all...you, on the other hand, appear to be mixing it up a little too much by sticking your nose in here uninvited...

JM02. Check out this. 05 is on every Rider thread. Has 10 posts on Fred Perry this weekend. Or more. This is my 2nd or 3rd time on here. Ever.

Fine…but what part of "this is the Stamp forum, so they can say what they want don’t you get?

JM02 did your wife lock you out of the house? Why the bad mood? Question. Is this true? Yes or no. 05 talks about Riders more than you? More than me? More than us together?

lol - wife lock me out of the house...that's a good one...actually, if anything, I'd lock my husband out of the house, but thanks for your concern...

I'm not looking for a fight, but I'll lay it all down for you, since you are seemingly incapable of comprehending it on your own...team forums are a safe haven. Unless posters representing the fan base of another team have something constructive and/or positive to say, they're advised to stay out.

Hope your husband does not freeze. Let me lay it down for you. Ive typed more over here today than I have all year. 05 is on our forum every day. Telling us sky is falling. Tell me this. Is either 1 of those not true?

I came over here to get some Stamps news. All I found was more Rider bashing. Could have shut up and left. Your point is fair.

He's not bringing excess negativity to the Rider forum...he does, however, bring excess negativity to the main forum...believe me, if he were hogwashing in the Rider forum as you are here, he'd have the same warnings you are now getting...so yes, one of those either one of those is not true...you'd do best to hang your head and run to another forum here with your tail between your legs, now...

Glad I didnt marry you. Have a nice day.

That makes two of us...have a nice day yourself...

Stamp fans, you may now resume your regular posting...sorry for the brief lunatic interlude...

Name calling yourself? Or me? Name calling is not allowed. Its wrong for me to come here. But its ok for you to ignore rules.

Hello Ap why would you run down JM02 she is doing you a favor by letting you know the rules. I assure you I try very hard not to go into the rider forum to discuss issues that may upset fans from that team. Right now there are a lot of issues regarding your team so they are discussed. That is what forums are for to debate issues. May suggest something to you so you no longer get upset. Simply do not read my posts in the main forum. If I do wonder over to the rider forum and state something you do not like there say so. I will apologize to you and leave.

How is saying the previous exchange is lunacy name-calling? Dude, you really gotta turn down the sensitivity there...it was an exchange that should have never happened...sheer madness, I tell ya...

  1. This is how I feel. I want to know what is going on in Calgary. Its a great rivalry. Wish it wasnt all negative about Austin and Tillman from you. Thats all. Tell us more about Stamps. Kick us here and there. Not every day. Thats all. That way you are good for any thread.

AP I am not kicking any one. Do you realize that Arius has been doing the very same thing every time he wants to make a comment about the Stamps. Do I care. I only mention so that you see this is not unique. The fact that your team has been in the news constantly warrants comment. Yes my comments my not suit your needs. Thats to bad because thats what opposing opinions are about. I know you would like to see every one that posts on the site to give nothing but praise for your team. But guess what it will not happen. Your only fooling yourself to think that. I am sure your good fan and stand up for your team. But your actions show that only your opinion is warranted. The fact you attacked JM02 is unbelievable. If anything she is one fan that is honest. You also attacked Mike another honest rider fan. You have to come onto the forum thinking that there will be people that will knock your team. If you do not then maybe you should stick to reading articles and not participating. Like JM02 stated if your going to come into the Stamps area be prepared to be asked to leave if you do not use the proper edicate. You want to bash the Stamps find some bad news post it and we will debate it. You may be shocked because many Stamps fan will be honest much like JM02 and Mike. If you wish to apologize it should be to those two fans. I could care less what you think of myself.
Here is a fact for you the thread with Austin if you look at it I am attacking austin for one reason He did not follow through with what he promised the Rider fans . Yes he promised to be the HC for three years but he ran like he did the last time. So is this rider bashing. No! Arius and I get into debates and they sometimes get colorful. But that again is debate. Try it instead of feeling sorry for yourself. Do I dislike the rider team? NO! I was very glad that either the Bombers or Riders were in that game. Do I dislike a few rider fans possibly. Do I dislike Tillman NO! I just feel he is not doing justice for his fans and team. Do I dislike Kent Austin I do now because he has no integrity. If he did he would not leave a team that had great success and put the fans in a position of guessing. Yes he may be an idol to you but think about it! Mike has and he realizes the 2008 season could end up being a disaster only because Tillman put his friend ahead of the team and fans. Yes AP I am a bad guy. At least this time read my post with out anger.