A tale of two stars

I know there are running threads for each of these individuals, but I felt the overpowering need to start this one.

How Reynolds and Burris co-existed for so many years is amazing.

JR has shown nothing but class all year despite being "brushed aside" for less expensive talent. Cornish is top level talent for sure and Calgary appears set at that position. After Calgary was eliminated, JR could have come out firing at everyone in the Stamps organization over how he was treated, but chose not to. A professional all the way and I truly hope we have not seen the last of him in the CFL. While he probably won't command top dollars as a starting back, I believe any team would be fortunate to have him in any capacity.

Burris, on the other hand, has once again displayed his "all about me" attitude yet again. While he did help Calgary to a Grey Cup, his bad games had started to outnumber his good games. Tate has arrived and the future is bright for the Stamps. Burris did keep his mouth shut until the season was over at least (I'll give him that much) but now he has all but forced Huf's hand to send him packing. Buyer beware to any team that would hitch their horse to Henry......ANY perceived slight at Hank's performance and the honeymoon will come to an abrupt end.

It should be an interesting off-season...........