A suggestion for Saturday's. game

How about we keep an eye on Bellefeuille's coaching and Anthony's playing?

Picture in picture?


Better then keeping an eye on the scoreboard...

Watch Reruns of Dallas

that and how about we focus on continuing to cheer the team on?
we were born ticat fans after all

Have someone sneak in and crazy glue the EE locker room door shut??

Put Ex-Lax in their water bottles??

Borehamgirl: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Whatever it takes!

But despite all of this weeks changes I finally see some hope for the future. I don't like seeing Zeke go and Creehan staying but at least some adjustments are finally being made. Casey, Jesse, Setta...who knows what will happen to them but uncertainty over the future is far more preferable to me than the mess we have been in since last season. There was no hope there.

How about tainted oysters?

Make the Eskimos play barefeet

Blow 250 pounds of itching powder in their
locker room through the ventilation system

Fly in all the ladies from the Ranch out in Nevada to their locker room the day before.

Take the mics out of their headsets.

I was thinking a bottle of Jack Daniels and a straigtjacket were in order.

hmm, that means somebody has to feed me the drink…or I get a great big straw…details…details.


:lol: :lol: :lol:

I have A suggestion for Saturday's Game



As much as it is a great idea by another poster I am sure that the "brown paper bag" will be added to the list of "prohibited items". Better bring two of them so when the Gestapo seaches you, you let them find the first one and if your real lucky and you get through with both you'll have 2 so if one falls off you will still be covered.
8) I was just thinking, what if you draw a picture of your own face on the paper bag, then wear it on your head as you approach the security people !!!
 Do you think they would notice at all  ????           <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->


The only "Dallas" reruns I want to see are the Super Bowl losses to the Steelers.

Hey O'B: Go find Chuck Noll.

Actually, I am by NO means a Cowboys fan, but the famous 1975 "Hail Mary Game" -- the 1975 NFC Divisional Playoff between Dalla and Minnesota -- will be shown Friday night and repeated during Saturday on NFL Network. One of those jawdropping miracle finishes that has stuck with me through my football fanaticism!


I am going to PVR it and savour it later...

For me though, the last-minute 100-yard Milt Stegall TD against Edmonton a couple of years ago was THE biggest miracle play I've ever seen in pro football.

Oski Wee Wee,

Just watch the score line at the top of the screen, and we will all know.

It would be nice if we were all wrong and the cats blow the eskies out of the water.