A successor to AC?

Well, so far so good for Adrian McPherson! He looked good at the outset of the game getting rid of the football quickly and making good reads. He was also making hay with his feet, something opposing D's will have to respect.

To be sure, they are not plaing the best team in the league at this point, but the Argos have players that are trying to make a statement for next year. For them, this is a little like an exhibition game.

Nonetheless, the future is looking brighter and brighter for young Adrian and the Als may just have found a QB they can groom to take over (eventually) for AC. Now, let's see how he does in the 2nd half. Maybe Chris Leak in the 4th quarter? Go Als go!!!!

I agree, McPherson is a promising candidate to fill AC's shoes when he retires. I am impressed by McPherson's size and strength. He is fast for a bigger man combining strength with speed to be an excellent QB in the running game. With respect to passing, he certainly is accurate with both the long and short game, he is OK from the pocket and, the opposition will have to face a QB who can run and pass- with equal ability. Finally we have a QB that will be able to step into AC's shoes!

Yep, once he starts to make his reads quicker (will come with experience), he is going to be deadly.

That being said, I sure hope AC stays on as a coach or something of that nature once he retires. He could really help turn Macpherson into something special. 8)

I too hope that Calvillo will come back to us as a QB coach. Who better to mentor our QBs? Calvillo's always been a cerebral type of player, a student of the game. IMO he'd make a great QB coach.

As for McPherson, I liked his outing yesterday. He held on to the ball too long at times, and his accuracy still needs work, but he was poised in the pocket, he managed the game effectively, and he didn't hurt us by turning the ball over. That's pretty much all you can expect from a young backup QB.