A Successful 2012 Campaign

I wanted to know what you guys think a successful 2012 season for the Edmonton Eskimos is along with a new QB, whether it be Jyles, Joseph or Nichols.

If either Jyles or Joseph started, my expectation for a good 2012 season would be making the playoffs and getting 2nd place in the West for home field advantage and a win in at least the Wildcard game.

If Nichols somehow starts and really out did Jyles and Joseph a successful season would be watching the improvement of him week by week, month by month, and hopefully by the last 6 games of the season watching the esks put together a good winning streak to maybe clinch 3rd place in the West.

Without Ricky Ray or Rich Stubler I’d be surprised if we get 7 wins this year. I believe our only chance at a decent 2013 season is to get a new young QB taking snaps this season.

Good topic; couple areas in 2012 is for an improvement in the place kicking game, Dales/Shaw should provide that.
The other area; Special Teams on kickoff/punt run backs has been lacking of late and needs that special player.
Our net punting (even without Duval) will be just as good as the Esks have the players to be once again very good in that scenario. Even without Stubler our defense will be just as good if not stronger but in a different light; I believe going to a 4/3 D by Nelson will provide the containment as the DE's will be Quicker. Also the secondary (DB's) will be better with the addition of a conditioning coach. On offense the O-Line is better and with the receivers the Esks have (their is depth) is enough to get the job done. 2012 Campaign = a 10-8 season isn't so bad without Ray I say.

What im excited to look forward to is the Eskimos receivers core. Fred Stamps, Adarius Bowman, Greg Carr, and Shamawd Chambers should be a rookie breakout. Carey Koch is just depth, Id much rather Chambers ahead of him BIG TIME. Eskimos drafted their deep threat. (4.46s on the 40 yard dash). Oline is a step up as well, although ill believe it when i see them gel and play well CONSISTENTLY. Im also excited with the defense and brining back Rashad Jeanty, great player, hopefully hes almost as good as he was when he was last in Edmonton. I can see 11-7 as our record. 12-6 if im optimistic

I am more like Seanmac and wish I were as optimistic as are clearly you Eskimosrock.

Until the new offence takes ground if at all, and I am not high on Jyles unless somehow he can somehow right from the start run a simple play-action run and/or pass system akin to Burris of the Stamps in 2009 and 2010, I'll be thrilled to see our Eskies win three out of the first five before the breaks in August.

At least we have better pieces in place overall otherwise with great recruiting, but no way anyone can say whether all that new talent can play in a new system on both sides of the ball.

The worse case for which we can hope is a rebuilding year to groom the QB of the future as I do not think will be Jyles.

I see a slow start this year and a 500 record by labor day, we will end the season strong winning the west semi final but lose to BC in Final. Building blocks in place and a new QB at the helm looks for a very promising future for the Green and gold, who might that be ? But our record will not be as good as last year but will feel a lot better.

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Edmonton/2012/06/01/19828536.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 28536.html[/url]

Bingo - good article in the link above about Nichols; I agree with you sean mac 26 as far as next season goes, but for now it’s the 2012 Campaign and we’ll see how things work out. However, I’m looking forward to our 4-3 D that is going to pay dividends for the Esks offense. Also seeing Nichols getting Reps at McMahon on June 15th; intrigued I must say.

Ive always been rooting for Nichols ever since I saw him play last preseason, I thought h'ed have a decent chance of being our future starter at some point. So with me being a little hopeful, I hope he tears up his training camp and preseason game reps and puts a thought into Reed's head to if not be our backup, to be our starter. I'd be happy to see him start over Jyles any day!


I've mentioned before that I'm willing to give Jyles a chance. I don't expect the offence to light up opposing defences immediately, there will be an adjustment period. However, if we get maybe 10 games in and he's still playing mediocre football with the weapons we have, then I'll agree with MadJack that he's a bust. But for now I'll give him a shot.

I'd like to see the return game improve. Tristan Jackson had that one good season, but since then it's been mediocre. I'm glad Armstead is gone. That was a waste...

I'm excited to see what Hugh Charles does. I hope he turns out well for us. :thup:

For the season to be a success for me, I'd say as long as we don't regress, I'll be happy. :smiley: