a "Sticky" for off topic topics!

I know that everyone who is a part of this site all share the CFL as their passion. But....every so often, someone will ask a question that may not have anything to do with Football. This is only natural as we all spend more time here and get to know each other a little better. (somewhat anyway)

Obviously other topics will come to mind and we may want our fellow CFL fans opinions on them. So....I am proposing a "Sticky" where we can all go to check what the latest "Off topic Topic" is and if people want to carry on a discussion then it won't take up any space in the main thread area.Just an idea from a crazy American. :wink:

sounds good to me, geo, I’m in.

I suggested this when the new site first came up. I got a lot of flack for it. I suggested that they not make a sticky, but an actual link for off topic posts. This main part of the board is titled CFL talk, I think they should have another board titled off topic. But thats me

I agree with Billy Soup on this. There should be another link for off-topic posts.

I dont agree
If the topic is labeled properly everyone has the choice to read it or not, just like they would have the choice to go to another link for off topics.

True. I agree with ro1313. Plus, if there was one sticky for all of our crap, would you really dive in it when it 12 pages long just to see if something coherent is going on? Lets say the first topic to come up is of no interest to you. You move on and don't come back, because that discussion is boring to you. So you may not notice later that something fun has emerged.

Also, we already tried to keep one thread for recuring topics. It did not work because as new people arrive, they are unaware of our methods and just start new things. As well, we're all a bunch of lazy asses (admit it) so we won't look far to know whether a topic is already there.

Thats why it shouldn't be a sticky but a whole new heading for a forum, just like cfl talk, bc lions, etc. Then it wouldn't be one whole 12 page thing that would continue on. plus it wouldn't be hard for new people to realize that Off-topic posts were put in the Off topic forum.
I guess I just like a little order.
And I do like reading off topic posts, I just don't like it when people go on these of-topic posts and say this is cfl only and crap like that. This would elliviate that.

......I like the chaos of one room....keeps you mentally fit to juke and jive through the minefield......the only new sticky we should generate is a list of things that are sticky.........

Paul Godfrey sure became sticky when he heard Tagliabue list Toronto has a potential market to play an NFL game in.


That sounds great!! I said "sticky" but it could be a link or whatever, I don't know how these website things work anyway. I don't really care what it is, I just think we should have something because we all have an off topic thing every now and then and we shouldn't have to go to a whole different site just to discuss it with our fellow CFL fans. Great idea Billy

It would definetly facilitate more Off topic chatter, and generally let me waste even more time on this site. which being the procrastinator that I am, would make me happy.
Rigfht now most people do not want to post off-topic posts because they fear the backlash they will get. This would prevent that.

Maybe we could just designate one of the other existing forums as our off-topic reservoir... You know... we could turn something useless, like the Argonauts' forum, into something all of us would love... just think about it...

OUCH!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I obviously don't spend nearly enough time here, as I know not of this sticky you speak of...... what is it? Where can I get one? Is it expensive? Does it do tricks?

I like being off-topic all the time, it's more fun that way. I've always thought a little bit of irreverence (man I need to learn how to spell) helps things go smoother.

A sticky is a topic that remains on top like the huddle and vgg

Thanks once again for the info ro....... I just hope that I don't ask too many questions in different forums and forget which ones they were, so I don't ever find out the answer and waste the answerer's time.

I'll confine myself to one dumb question per day, if at all possible. :slight_smile:

NO problem!!!
Ask away