a step in the right direction

Well, Hamilton blew another winnable game with this one because of poor D at a critical time in the game, lack of offensive production in the second half, and key turnovers. But overall, I think they played a very competitive, entertaining football game. I think that Taaffe obviously handcuffed the offence with overly complicated schemes when he was HC, and it was nice to see the Ticats begin to throw the ball downfield with authority for once, trying to stretch the opposing D. Other observations:

-Printers is starting to emerge as the player we wanted him to be all along

-Moreno was adequately replaced by Anthony, so Obie doesn’t look like an idiot any more

-There is little chance the Ticats will re-sign injury-prone Jesse Lumsden, who is due to become a free agent at season’s end

-The Ticats need two more good receivers to go with Rodriguez and Bauman

-With Tisdale, Hamilton has found a very exciting DB

-The Ticats D looked good for the most part, and it will look better next week when McKay is benched in favour of newly aquired Alain Kashama

-Bellefuelle can be a good HC in the league. He was vocal and enthusiastic on the sidelines, but never lost it when…(see next point)

-the officiating was brutal in terms of the missed pass-interference penalty on Miles, and the missed roughing the kicker call on Setta

-my Ticats will miss the playoffs this year, but have the chance to build on a foundation of some pretty promising talent for 2009

Yeah..good summation.I was thinking about the offence during the game and the word that came to mind about Charlie's approach was that he "choked" the offence. It never seemed to be able to open up. Casey never seemed to have a running play by design.It only happened when he was running for his life. Casey has a good arm but he still needs help from his receivers...especially Tony Miles.
If Marcel sticks with this approach and does something serious about the porous defence, this team could win a couple more before the end of the season.

Well said.

I mostly agree with the comments that the D gave up big plays late in the game, and the offense couldn't finish drives in the second half. This really was the difference.

I also thought Anthony played well, particularly when he dropped back into coverage when the D kept getting beat on passes over the middle.

I try not to blame refs, because it is often tough to remain objective, but those two missed calls were big ones. In both cases we would have kept possession of the ball. Ouch.


Good points. One of the things I liked about Bellefeille is after the one touchdown (was it Tisdale?) when he told the player to celebrate AFTER crossing the goal line!! THANK YOU!!!

The other thing, I have been saying ALL season that Casey was going to fumble on a run because he doesn't protect the ball when he is running.. and it finally happened. I'd really like to see him work on that.

Casey has on occasion fumbled off pump fakes while running. I don’t make excuses for him on this point. The ball has to be protected once he breaks containment and commits to the run.

As for the Tisdale TD, I was also oh-ohing his ball waving…he almost got Nate Newtoned before he crossed the goal line.

Oski Wee Wee,

Casey has on occasion fumbled off pump fakes while running. I don't make excuses for him on this point. The ball has to be protected once he breaks containment and commits to the run.

As for the Tisdale TD, I was also oh-ohing his ball waving...he almost got Leon Letted before he crossed the goal line.

Oski Wee Wee,

I agree with you...with the possible exception of the LAST point ...believe it or not !
A notable CHARLIE basher,I wrote this season off as wasted early on( actually,
when Charlie was re-hired) but after such a positve effort, I see light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, a lot of mistakes were made but finally we were "in"(as opposed to "close") a game until the end.Even Printer`s late fumble
(which launched me into "lift-off" at the time

  • the words "63" Brain Cramp" come to mind)was in retrospect probably due to over-zealousness and competitiveness. Give me a guy like that- who tries to win- every time. Its been so frustrating for him
    this season ( sacks, Charlie,etc.)
    that urgency probably superceded sensibility at the time. Hell calm down and collect himself more with each game (if we continue to play as we did). A couple more higher- calibre players ( heavier pash rush eliminates all those 2nd & 15 completions) and well not find ourselves falling behind so often.
    Let the other guys play catch-up.
    Which brings us to a game PIVOTAL to the playoff picture--WPG this week.
    If we can maintain ( and hopefully improve) our current level of play,I would favour us in the game. If this level of play becomes our new standard,
    I think weve got a better shot than the other 2 for the playof spot. A lot of "ifs",but 1 week ago BGC ( Before Good-bye Charlie) I wouldnt have given us 5th place in the East.
    This week , we can actually look forward to a game, not dread it.
    Becoming competitive was our goal...hopefully we`re now headed in that direction.

Hamilton has consistently given up the big play near the end of the half, and several times near the end of the game. The d played reasonably well tonight, but they get to get it on in the last minute of play

On the whole I was pleased with the competitiveness of the team. Hopefully Printers and the D can learn from this weeks mistakes and build on it for next weeks game. (i.e. Printers secure the ball and get out of bounds, the D not to give up those big plays late in the game).

As for offense...I liked Rodriquez, Bauman and even Mitchell. Some had a case of the dropsies, maybe partially due to the type of pass delivered by Printers. But in all honesty, I don't see much from Miles. I'd almost prefer Walker to be in instead of Tony.

Hamilton fans should rejoice in the new found effort the team displayed last week. Coach Marcel should be applauded. Inspired football is football Hamilton fans love. Hamilton fans love their defence and they love all-out effort. Keep it up!

True. But not this year.

Our line needs help. Big time.

Once that gets settled, we might see if we have a defence.

One game does not a season make.

I have a bit of a problem with this comment. I, too, like those receivers, and I think that they can develop into GREAT receivers. However; when the football hits your hands, no matter where it is in relation to your body or the velocity it's thrown, a receiver should catch the ball. No questions asked.

We have been plagued with the dropsies the past 3 years. I don't know if it's a lack of concentration or not, but a receiver is PAID to catch a football.