A statement from the CFL on the passing of Angelo Mosca

TORONTO β€” The Canadian Football League released the following statement on Saturday on the passing of Canadian Football Hall of Famer, Angelo Mosca:

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My condolence to the Mosca family and his fans. A legend has passed.

I was a kid growing up in Hamilton at the time when Mosca was a household name and our hero - everywhere else he was hated - but that was just fine with us in Steeltown. Back in those days the Eastern Final was a two game total point affair - ask Russ Jackson about how Mosca lead the Cats back in the second game after trailing by 26 points - Jackson's body was never the same! Big Ange was our hero and still is - love ya man and God rest in peace!

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He was one nasty dude on the field! CFL needs more guys like this. God bless !

He was one of my hero's growing up in the 60's along with Barrow, Mazza, Mc Dougal, Scott just to name a few. I regret that the CFL never corrected the never happened piling on call in the Grey Cup against BC. The tape restored shows clearly He actually was diving over trying to avoid the hit which he did. Just look at the tape. But as usual Angelo wore it as a badge of his badness which he coveted. I had Mc Dougal as a customer on my Globe & Mail route and he brought me back a program from that game signed by the entire team coaches trainers that I cherished for year's. Unfortunately my mother threw it out when i left for College. To his sons and Familyy my deepest sympathy and condolences. RIP ANG!

A true legend of the game. An American who came to call Canada his home, he will be missed by many.

Sadly I don’t remember him as a player as he was well before my time but as an avid professional wrestling fan, he was one of my favourites. Classic matches with some of the all time greats. Going to have to search for some football highlights because from what I’ve been told, the guy was a beast. R.I.P.

I don't know him.
But it sounds like he was a Bully.