A statement from the CFL on the murder of George Floyd

TORONTO — Upon the news of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict in the murder of George Floyd, the Canadian Football League issues the following statement:

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Stay with football!! Stay out of politics and especially the whole gong show in the U.S. We have a lot more important issues as far as this upcoming season presents. Oh yah... next time you go to Ottawa for money... don't offer to pay it back... you'll have a better chance of getting it!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2:


I am so tired of the politics! Always feels like companies/teams etc jump on the cause of the day after it happens. Shows their true colours!


I agree stay out of crazy politics down south and divide your fan base .

CFL concentrate on Canada and get your nose out of the US BUM hole .

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Anyone actually believe Chauvin went into work that morning and thought to himself "I'm going to kill a black person today?"

I do agree with the CFLs statement on fairness. We don't know if his actions were racially motivated and in the spirit of the pursuit of fairness I don't think it does us any favors to speculate as such.

I'm not excusing his actions. There was clearly a breakdown in his training and according to the experts played a major role in his death. Chauvin should be held accountable for that but let's be fair in our assessment here.

Yes we do. The rest is history. He knew him and did not like the guy before. Like many others and so forth. The rest of us know including especially those who live it.

Yes as evidenced here indeed you are excusing his actions without knowing it. The correct verdict was reached. You can stop the questioning of the process now that the case has been fairly heard even though understandably you disagree.

When "politics" just don't go your way ...otherwise it's okay and there is no such comment...

The jury heard the trial, reached a verdict. The defense will likely appeal as is their right. The process is working as it should. No criticisms there.

He still wasn't charged with any sort of hate crime. Just don't see the leap to racism and response is to the broader narrative being spun.

Agreed though just because one is not charged does not mean it does not exist, and it's no leap for many of us as you assert either.

Go find me now all of Chauvin's victims of such an unlawful, untrained, deliberate knee to the neck to choke off breathing. Or that of cohorts all across the land. Or of other unlawful antics.

Or keep making such implicit excuses for him in your little laboratory.

Many of us have plenty of experience to believe what is far more plausible given all the cases not heard and others dead who are chiefly of minority backgrounds at such hands of police cruelty and brutality.

He wasn't charged with unlawful detainment. I'm sure he didn't want to be at that call as much as Floyd didn't want him there.

Let's stop assuming the worst about someone just because of race. That goes both ways.

Again, we don't have to assume when we live it time and time again. You keep toiling in that laboratory if that makes you feel better to consider various far less plausible and less evident theories of yours and of others.

We know where many of you always go but the brutality and cruelty along these lines continue as they did long before 2020.

Well I'm going to be the outlier here amidst the folks who don't like the "politics" of the ruling not the matter at hand here, and I will simply say that Chauvin will get his justice in prison and beyond this world beyond the human justice delivered correctly for once in a long while on this matter.

Meanwhile of course we have all those others from 2020 and all those unheard of untried from years before, but of course more than a small few are not complaining about those "politics" ever either.

Good on the CFL for stepping in with some word. Silence is complicity or advocacy on some matters.

Go where? What? How?

We know and you don't obviously. I think we are done here considering where this all can go and does beyond the forum. Again and again.

I agree with you here. Sports are a unifier and the league should look out for the athletes.

I think people are hurting and there's a time and a place to discuss race relations. Sports has certainly been an avenue to move the needle.

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Well I think it goes there when people take criticisms too personally.

I don't know your experience. Experience shapes reality/perception. Reality shapes action.

I'm just suggesting we don't know if this specific officer had racial bias toward Mr
Floyd. That doesn't mean what he did was proper.

Thank you again for some clarification, but we know where we disagree and agree including especially on your first point and premise and assumption here. It is the norm not the exception as well.

Oh g&w. You are something.
Nobody is disliking chauvin because of race.
We dislike him because he is a murderer. And we all watched him do it.
Stop hiding your true feelings. You've shown them now and before.

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CFL (and any other major league sport) has no place commenting on this... its bizarre how the rush to comment has become

If Floyd of Chauvin were involved in some way with pro sports sure. Otherwise it is random noise.

(No offence to the CFL but I doubt many people in that state were waiting for your commentary).

At least with local politic threads there is an argument of a relation between what is happening vs the League itself

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