Now that the province and the the Fed Goverment have to told The City of Hamilton that they are only going to back Bob Youngs Mountain Staium out of the city of Hamilton. The team as last as I looked were called The Hamilton Tiger Cats ,not the Stoney Creek Ticats. I will let you all informed why Mr Young and the ticats want to move to this location. The ONLY reason way they want this site is because they want to move thier Head Office out of Downtown Hamilton to Stoney Creek. How much more can you slap the City Of Hamilton in the face more then that? From all the drama from this I have one question they are avoiding to answer that is " WHAT WILL THE CITY OF HAMILTON DO WITH A STADIUM NOBODY WANTS OR WANT TO BE AT,AFTER NOBODY GOES TO GAMES AND BOB YOUNG IS FORCED TO LEAVE TOWN LEAVING HAMILTON WITH THIS ELIPHANT WITH NOTHING IN IT? This is how Mr Bob Young is quest in destroying Hamilton is going very well to date!

Well, as for your handle here, I think "certified" might very well be accurate, but I don't believe that "correct" is the proper second word. . .

In case you slept through it, or weren't born yet when it came about, but Regional Government came in some long time ago, and Stoney Creek is part of, not separate from, the City of Hamilton; it no longer has any separate, legal existence.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

As opposed to a stadium being put downtown because it’s the pet project of some politician?

They should put it where it makes financial sense, not where some politician wants to put it to curry votes with other peoples money.

How is this a stadium nobody wants?The EM makes financial sense, it keeps the Ticats in Hamilton, gets us an MLS team, the WH site get's redone with a soccer training facility and Amphitheater, BY puts 74M down on the stadium, the feds put money down on the stadium, BY pay's more of the fee's that the taxpayers were paying for him at IWS.The only real problem with the stadium is location, and it's not hard to drive to at all there very likely will be shuttles all throughout Hamilton to get you there and back.The best part is, now fans from areas like London and such have much easier access to the stadium vastly increasing our fan base.
EM makes so much sense, WH is dead in the water.

Had a friend ask me if i was going to Bob Youngs speech thursday night and I said to him "I WOULD GO BUT THE TAXPAYERS (the people) DONT HAVE A SAY WHERE THE STADIUM GOES SO WHY EVEN WAIST MY BREATH ON IT!" This is the whole messed up thing about this, THE MAYOR AND THE CITY HALL VOTED FOR THE HARBOUR SITE so there could be growth in that area that is in dire need of growth. The City Of Hamilton pays 1.4 million in the Ticats Operations costs and all staff on game day including the security.They also paid 4 Million is upgrades this year to Ivor wynne. Yes Bob young and all his 274 employees back what he is doing but they dont buy a ticket for the game, people like me do. The biggest problem of the location is that it way in timbuck two and it will take three buses to get there! Bob young will get of his plane at the airport and not even have to step into Hamilton before leaving this area back to the states. People in the town are writing the local news paper every day complaining about thier very arogant attitude, and I must aggree with them. Hes arogant, he promiced things to the fans that he shouldnt of and didnt keep up with like the 5 year plan to have a greycup team. (THAT WAS THE BIGGEST JOKE I HAVE SEEN) My point here is you dont make promices you cant keep ,you dont the hand that feeds you ,and you dont give the people a Honda when you promiced them a Porche! Thats just bad business! :wink:

All these NON football fans registering to dirty CFL organizations are more proof why new members should have a minimum post count before being allowed to creat threads.

...I'm with Jack on this one, apparently the certification process is an easy one to navigate through...

...where did Young promise you a Porsche?...seems to me that if you didn't have Young around you and your fellow fans would be hard pressed to have a skateboard between you all....

Here let me rephrase that

What a moronic post!

"A friend ask me"? Would that be "asked me?" Or are you asking a friend TO ask you?
Waist my breath? Oh, you mean "waste" my breath.

Timbuck two? Is that a coffee shop? Oh, sorry. Timbuctoo, the city in East Africa that everyone uses in that saying. Sorry.

thier? ...their
arogant? ... arrogant
aggree? ... agree
promiced? Multiple times, too, so its not just a typo... promised.

Oh, and "Porsche" has an "S" in it.
"shouldnt", "didnt", "dont", and "thats" are words called "contractions". They have a thing called an "apostrophe" in them. Can you say it with me? a-POS-tre-fee. I knew you could.

Perhaps, Certified Correct, you would find people more receptive to your arguments if you didn't state them like an angry third grader.

Just sayin'

Well put hit, loved it !!

But allow me to make one correction to your post. . . that city now spelled Tombouctou, is not in east Africa but in west Africa, Republic of Mali.

Not that it matters a whole heck of a lot to your post. . .


I thought the new spelling was Timbuktu, or did they change it again?
Actually I knew it was in Mali. Just got East and West mixed up. Too many crossover games in the playoffs.

Ah well.

Thank Dog I'm not dyslexic.

You might want to ask the City of Glendale how that's working out for them. Here's a tip: stadiums only promote growth when there's a major tenant to draw people to the area.

If they chase Bob Young and the Ticats off, you end up with a stadium that nobody will be using for anything. No growth, just a giant waste of taxpayer dollars.

Not that city politicians tend to know the slightest thing about business.


this guy sounds straight outta the new movie, 'dinner for schmucks'.

No, I think he did mean waist. Guy sounds like he's hyperventilating so me must be using his blow hole on the waist. Use the lungs there "Certified", it helps get oxygen to the brain. It'll help u feel better and things will start making sense for ya.

Have we ever seen a stadium rebuild a community? It sure didn't help with the cyotes in the NHL p

Is it possible that this dispute is really about land preferred to be reserved for a new hockey arena?

East Mountain location is a more logical choice than downtown. Although a stadium downtown would bring people and money downtown, which everyone wants; a stadium near two freeways makes more sense. Not to mention more people from other cities such as London and St. Catherines/Niagara area.

Well CC, you've got people talking. But the East Mountain location is the best site. It allows all people from the Niagara Penisula to come to a game easily, and all those from London/Kitchener-Waterloo/Guelph to come to a game as well.

As I've said in another thread, Hamilton is the opposite of Ottawa. Ottawa's stadium needs to be downtown while the Senators are out in Kanata (further as a matter of fact).

You want to reinvigorate downtown? Contact Mr. Basielle. He had the plans, the money, and did his best to try and get it done.

Its very funny how alot alot of people avoid THE POINT and attack some small spelling mistakes. Yes ignorance is bliss and the people coming up with this stuff are funny. Yes Bob Young Is a master Lier and manipolator how ever you spell it. Yes his staff are Arrogant and very rude. Yes He cant sell his fake story for ever. This is a football story of a one of the oldest football teams being ruined by a man who doesnt care for a city who gave the CFL so many great years!. People not just me are Fed up with with Bob Young and now dont care if he takes his ball and goes home back to his boring life! :roll: