A stadium for 15 M$ ?

[url=http://coolopolis.blogspot.com/2007/08/saputo-stadium-next-big-o-style-sports.html]http://coolopolis.blogspot.com/2007/08/ ... ports.html[/url]

It looks like they pulled it off.

MONTREAL – Construction of the Saputo Stadium is now 75 percent complete and is being carried out within the expected time frame. Construction should be finalized by December 2007.
Among the latest works completed, the 120 x 80-meter grass surface has been fixed (110 x 70-meter field). Also, the structure of the administrative offices is now erected.

“I am very satisfied because we are respecting the schedule that we had initially set out,? said Executive vice-president of the Montreal Impact and Saputo Stadium Richard Legendre. “Since it is natural turf, it was important to lay it in September so that it could take root before winter. With the grass, the view is spectacular and we can witness the stadium taking shape.?

Located on the corner of Sherbrooke and Viau Streets, the Saputo Stadium, will be a 13,000-seat soccer stadium, which represents a 2,500-seat increase from Claude-Robillard Sports Complex.

The construction of the project, estimated at $15 million, is entirely privately funded. Half of this amount -$7.5 million- was donated by the Saputo family. The new stadium will become the home of the Impact as of the 2008 season.

For further information on the 2008 season ticket packages, contact the Montreal Impact Ticket Office at 514-328-3668 or at www.stadesaputo.com.

[url=http://www.montrealimpact.com/News/News.aspx?language=EN&ArticleID=789]http://www.montrealimpact.com/News/News ... icleID=789[/url]

Here are some good pictures of it.

In all fairness, it looks like a great park.

[url=http://www.940montreal.com/blog_sports/2007/11/updated_saputo_stadium_picture.php]http://www.940montreal.com/blog_sports/ ... icture.php[/url]

...and it was a total failure as a venue for a CFL team. The stadium was actually built in the late 60's but was renovated in the early 90's for the WLAF franchise. The owner of the of the Gold Miners was promised money towards a new facility but never got any. As a result, he moved the team to San Antonio.

First off, Empire Stadium’s seats were in a horseshoe. Second, the height of the grandstands between the goal lines were considerably higher than those in the end zones. Lastly, the only thing that people liked about Empire Stadium over BC Place was the fact that with Empire, you were outdoors. Nobody misses the bench seating, the inadequate bathrooms, getting pooped on by pigeons etc etc.

The answer is to build the stadium in a huge pit. Edmonton's stadium is partly in a pit, and the Cal State Bears play in a stadium that is almost entirely in a huge pit.

This should cut down the cost of the infrastructure no?

This looks like a complete circle to me Eastvan.
I do see what you mean though...

[url=http://www.worldstadiums.com/stadium_menu/past_future/pictures/past_stadiums/vancouver_empire.jpg]http://www.worldstadiums.com/stadium_me ... empire.jpg[/url] [url=http://www.geocities.com/cflhistory/Stadia/bcempstad.jpg]http://www.geocities.com/cflhistory/Sta ... mpstad.jpg[/url]

And one side of the circle looks somewhat level to the centre height.

That was one of my points Rpaege. The pit itselfs acts as the foundation for the first level of seating. It would save alot of money. I think most of the lower bowl of the MTS centre is underground.

Ya, that first pic sure does look like a circle. However, the second one gives a slightly more accurate picture. Both of those photos were taken during big events (54'Commonwealth Games and Grey Cup in 74' respectively) when temporary stands were brought in to boost capacity. (If you'll notice in the bottom picture, the track gets narrow between the goal lines). That one end zone did not have permanent bleachers.

And most of those people are wearing straight jackets! :roll: :roll:

East Van Mark ACCURATELY points out why Old Empire Stadium had to go. The only thing he forgot to mention was the algae all over the seats from the moisture.

ok but regardless, the empire stadium style of stadium can work where the stadium circles the feild.

Beside guys, algea grows all over BC,lol

I'll reply to that quote, once I get back from my Golf game. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Now where did I put the sunscreen? :lol: :lol:

Jokes aside. I feel that a good quality stadium can be build for a affordable price.

Check out this website on stade saputo. It's got pictures from all the different construction phases.


They have done a good job with this one. I like their use of natural topography. Notice that on one side the stands are built into the hillside. Reduced cost, but also reduced usable space.

The simple fact is that stadium with this limited number of seats can be built in this price range. Just look at Moncton, it is a $10 - $15 million dollar project. On the other hand, BMO cost $70 million for about 50% more people.

Most 20,000 seat soccer stadiums are being built for around $100 Million. New NFL stadium are $400 - $500 million for 65-75,000 seats.

Location will also impact cost. I recently had a revised estimate for a project here increase by 60% in 11 months. I know of another project that has been put on hold because they can not get a construction crane for 20 months!

What if you excavate first and do the amphitheatre style? Sort of like old Thunderbird Stadium on the campus of UBC for you Vancouverites listening. I am the antithesis of handy but by your description maybe this would prove more cost effective.



You know, governments seem to tell CFL fans that they are not interested in putting public money into new stadiums, yet there sure seem to be a TON of new stadiums in the 10-15,000 range being built i.e. Victoria, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto that all have public money going into them. What's the story here???

Can't say the tax payers are really being served by this new stadium in Montreal. I mean, wasn't McGill's field designed for soccer (for the World U-19's), despite the fact that they preferred to have it with a crown, rather than flat? I honestly can't understand the need to build a brand new 15,000 seat stadium when there is a 20,000 seat stadium sitting there empty but for about 15 football games. It just doesn't make sense.

Then to build this new stadium in the shadow of another (Olypmic), and to turn around and tell tax payers in Winnipeg that the government isn't interested in building stadiums, is just out and out double talk. I know they seem to have figured things out in Winnipeg now, but what about Halifax, what about Quebec City???

Saputo Stadium in Montreal is all privately funded. The only thing that was free was the land at the Olympic park. Just so you know...

Thanks for that site Bighands. I wish all stadiums had websites like that.

I have always been all for the Amphitheatre style stadiums.
It would reall aborb a ton of the costs from the total construction.
The current Halifax stadium right now is also on a hill.
See I beleave that the reason stadiums cost so much is because everyone wants it to look like a work of art on the outside when in reality, it only really has to offer you a good place to sit and watch the game.