A somewhat decent Sportsnet Broadcast

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/nfl/pts-will-leiweke-be-key-to-nfl-in-toronto/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/nfl/pt ... n-toronto/[/url]

It pretty much goes along the lines of "Here's my piece as to why BMO wasn't expanded to the Argos" sounds slightly seedy, but not overtly so, basically saying the old owners were late to the gate, simple as that. (Still not sure though why you had to go with BMO's current configuration.)

Then they basically talk about MLSE buying the Argos and how they considered it, and basically said "The Argos are a long run for a short slide." meaning a lot of work without a lot of money, at least as far as MLSE is concerned, and that they'd only be making around $1mil a season, which wasn't really enough for them, given four concerts would have made just as much for them and are far easier to run. He then outright said "Not really sure the problem with the Argos, it's the demographics, if it's Rogers Centre or if it's the NFL entitlement." as the cause, which I get.

Then in goes on about the NFL attempt and he pretty much says "The economics of the 90s it was possible, unlikely but possible but now...almost completely out of the question" Pretty much, that you are looking are looking at around $2 billion investment to build a stadium and get a team, and your return on investment would be incredibly thin. Yes, it's a money maker, but weighted against the capital investment need, it's a risky, big ticket proposition, so unless you have huge passion and are looking for a good time, it's very risky economically.

It then goes on about the possibility of MLSE buying the Argos and he states "It could happen, I mean with the price to buy the Argos was low that a lot of my team wanted to buy it when I looked at it, but I just didn't see the effort being worth it." (to which I will add, might be a bit more worth it to the new ownership who is part owned by Bell/TSN).

It then goes onto how a relocation in the NFL is not only a huge political pit for the state/local governments in the states, but also that you aren't adding a dime to the TV revenue and that you are just moving the deck chairs around, and a brief quip that LA is likely the next rellocation. They also basically say the NFL doesn't want to hurt the CFL, so buying the Argos could I guess help your case (to which I will add then you have a CFL team they don't want to hurt where you want to put your NFL franchise). They then say how do you make the case for an NFL team and they outright say "About the only way is you expand, you sell it on the expansion fee, and that you are in another country because the NFL has international aspirations." apart from that, that's about it.

I'll say this Bob McCown seems somewhat reasonable and gets the economic end of things in both instances, but his co-host...less so.

Also should add how they pretty much say "The size of the market means 0 to the NFL"