A silly thought...

but you don't think that the RW signing and the sudden popularity of the Argos with the NFL fans north and south will propel the Argos into the NFL as an expansion team, do you?

KK is scared! M y mind is playing tricks on me!!!

...K-KBBAP....what's with the big Cat doing the spin-or-amma on your post...and relegating the good logo to the bottom...are you having an identity crisis...lol....just kidding BAP...i thought you disappeared...hadn't seen you or the other guy for awhile

didn't you get my PM?

I just like the old Ti-cats logo, a lot more than what they use now, and they didn't have any Bomber stuff, so I used it.

and you know that I like the old white W more than the current blue one, if were going to use the Blue one, we might as well change the team to the Manitoba Blue Bombers.

and it is I, Kanga-Kucha!

....sorry Kanga....didn't get your message about the logo...but heh...i agree about the white 'w'...i think it will eventually take over...it looked great last year on the uni's...take care mate.. :thup: