A Shout Out For Marcell Young

I've seen a lot of posts commenting on the great play of some of our members of the secondary eg. Ryan Hinds, Bo Smith (well-deserved by the way) but not much on rookie cornerback Marcell Young. So here's a shout out to Marcell Young who has played great so far and is improving each and every game. One of the toughest positions for a rookie to master, cornerback, but he and Hinds are playing excellent. The future is looking great with these two young guys in the defensive secondary.

You're right, Young is getting overlooked. He has played better each week, and he's tied for the league lead with two interceptions (which could have been three had he held on to that pick in the fourth quarter). The secondary as a whole has been great the past couple of weeks.


Anyone miss Tisdale, anyone ?
Imagine blowing all that money he demanded then probably not having the cap room to sign AC ?
Football ops. unearths a quality rookie at probably less than half of what Tisdale wanted.
Give credit where credit is due.

8) A shout out indeed to Marcell Young for his play and also to the coaching staff who recognized his raw talent in training
  camp.   Putting a rookie out on the toughest position on the field to play, takes a lot of guts, but Young has proven so 
  far that he is up to the task.

  His athletic ability and speed go a long way to helping him on this large CFL field !!

TiCats have had a knack for not being able to hang onto DB's. For past years and we've payed the high price, lets hope they can hang onto some of these guys.

It does seem like Marcell Young does deserve some credit. He seems to be doing well so far.

And I haven't seen many comments here from anyone saying that they miss Tisdale. When he became a free agent, I wanted him to stay here, although that would have depended on who else we could acquire and how much other teams were bidding for him. He wasn't always consistent. I thought he might have been replaceable, and because of players like Young, it looks like he was replaceable.

The credit goes to managment who didn't cave to the demands of an average DB like Tisdale or be tempted to sign a horse's arse like Dwight Anderson. Trusting your scouting and the willingness to be patient with a newcomer means you can spend the money elsewhere on genuine quality like AC.

Fair enough. Although one's patience can get tested when it's taken the better part of a decade to get the defensive backfield to where we want it. It's been our weak link ever since we lost Vaughan and Steinauer way back in the day.

Hopefully we've finally reached the promised land with this year's group.

I was a big Tisdale fan, and I really wanted him back here. But i'm not missing him one bit right now.

Hopefully in the coming weeks we're giving shout-outs to Carlos Thomas and Jason Shivers. :thup:

Oy! :o

Love that positive attitude! :thup:

Very true. I admit I was doubtful of him at the start. I must admit that my favourite part of this thread is seeing 'pope use the cool kid lingo like "shout out" :lol:

But Tisdale doesn’t come anywhere near that quality yet wanted top dollar.

But in that decade the team has been bankrupted and front offices(s) in chaos so it's really no surprise.

Here is a newspaper account of the opening days of CFL free agency

[url=http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/cfl/blog/cfl_experts/post/Free-agency-heats-up-with-signings-of-Anderson-?urn=cfl-322406]http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/cfl/blog/cfl ... cfl-322406[/url]
[Dwight] Anderson's exit meant the Stampeders had lost both their all-star corners from last season (thanks to Brandon Browner's departure for the NFL),

but they quickly made their own move to sign defensive back Geoff Tisdale from Hamilton.

It looks like Calgary had to pay Tisdale a significant amount of cash,

@scratchingpost Drew Edwards...Tisdale contract with #CalStampeders will pay him
$110k /yr with $20k bonus. Would have put #Ticats salary structure out of whack. #CFL

The Ticats wanted Geoff back. They had another offer for Geoff to look at

but he had signed with Calgary before that offer got to Geoff's agent.

and his performance last year (four interceptions, 58 tackles,) was very solid but not on par with Anderson's.

However, he is significantly younger (23 versus 29) and has
almost as much CFL experience (three seasons versus four),

so he could be a key part of the Stampeders' plans for years to come.

Geoff is now a 4th year 25 years old veteran

The Ticats were willing to give Geoff a significant raise
because he's a very talented versatile, defensive ball player

with experience at both corner and defensive halfback.

IMO, if he was back this year he could have provided that
very important stabilizing influence in our secondary

which no rookie, physically talented or not, can provide.

American D-backs are rookies playing a game foreign to them.

They are playing on the large CFL field for the first time
with players flying around behind the line of scrimmage.

CFL D-coaches have told me that they worry about getting burned
a great deal when they are starting out in Canadian football

It makes sense that their decisions are tentative.

That often leads to big plays against them

or pass interference penalties on receivers
who are about to beat them badly.