A shortened season starting in September?

A CFL season is looking more and more iffy. And the city hosting the GC format has changed.

La variable qui sera jugée comme étant la plus importante pour la Ligue est celle des coûts. Jouer dans deux villes permettrait de limiter les dépenses, mais nous savons aussi qu'il ne serait pas rentable de jouer à huit clos. Un début de saison à la Fête du travail était prévisible.

Effectivement, pour la CFL, ce sera pas possible de rentabiliser des parties Ă  huis clos si le partage des droits de TV changent pas.

Je pense que le scénario le plus probable demeure l'annulation de la saison, mais on peut encore espérer, tant que la ligue l'a pas officiellement annoncé.

Unless the losses from ticket sales are what they hope to cover with the gov't loan.

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IMO: This would be a mistake, trying to sell a subpar product will do nothing for the brand, actually quite the opposite. They should have cancelled the season when it became clear stadiums would be shut down for the rest of the year.

Couldn't agree more, Hfx!

Le torchon brule entre le commissaire Ambrosie et l'association des joueurs, voire les joueurs en général. Le litige concerne cette fois l'absence de plan de reprise des activités alors que d'autres ligues professionnelles en ont déposé un.

Je peux comprendre leur frustration, mais la réalité de la LCF est très différente de celle des grandes ligues, ou même de la MLS.

En effet mais c'est un dossier qui s'ajoute Ă  la pile des litiges entre le commissaire et les joueurs. Sur le point des relations de travail Ambrosie est vraiment mauvais.

None of the other leagues have requested bailouts. They figure a way. TSN has no live content right now. The CFL could have negotiated a one of deal for this season without fans in the stands. They could have offered the CFLPA to play out the season at 50 percent of contracted wages for example. They did nothing then showed up and tried to fleece taxpayers of 150 million dollars.

Like Dana White said last week. You have to run your business. If they can't, its time for new people to run the league and own these teams.

You seem to be suggesting that the CFL should force TSN/Bell to pay more this year, and force the PA to accept less this year. What power would the CFL, no matter who was running it, have to achieve such a result? TSN is under no obligation to accept a renegotiation that would cost it more money. There is already a legally enforceable contract in place. The CBA is also legally enforceable. The PA, like TSN, would be under no obligation to accept any such proposal. The owners could fire everyone working for the league and bring in a whole new set of managers -- it wouldn't change the existence of previously negotiated contractual agreements.

Sad state of affairs for professional football in this country, isn't it?

By the time CFL plays again this year (if they do) TSN will have Golf, NBA, NHL, MLS, NFL and perhaps some MLB (can't remember if they had any non-BJ games ... because I don't watch baseball anymore) ... TSN may be parched now but the CFL is not the solution to quench their thirst ...

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Difficile de faire ce genre d'approche quand on ne sait même pas quand les frontières seront rouvertes.

At this point it doesn't even mattter. They have nothing ironed out with their players, Trudeau doesn't want the crowds anyway, so why would he pay the ransom?

The CFL can come back in 2021 with the owners, players and fans willing, assuming they don't turn the country into a prison next flu season.

"the ransom" as you put it is essentially to allow a CFL season sans fans ... so not certain how the two link aside from politically.

The ransom was 150 to 180 million dollars. Trudeau must really not like football, cause that's the first time he doesn't pull out the Canadian taxpayer checkboook.

Food for thought:

There won't be a CFL season in 2020, nor any team sports.

The CFL isn't asking for a ransom, but a lifeline.

Trudeau hasn't payed because he says there is no Canadian culture. There is no way he can spin giving 150M to the CFL, in his woke, multiculturalist, virtue signalling narrative. That's why he is not paying!

I agree with you Johnny. I do not see it this year especially with the reports of athletes testing positive this week as facilities were re opening.



Ambrosie should tell Trudeau he has a buddy who can get him an "in" at the UN so he can advance his dream of running the UN. The league would be awash in taxpayer money.