A Short Note to Chris Davis


Please stop the crap after making a first down catch.

That is your job.

Do it.

You’re not “pumping” anyone up.

Make your catch. Either hand the ball to the ref, or put it down. Walk or jog back to the huddle.

The end.

Chris do your thing after you catch that ball.

Davis is a grown man and he will decide himself how he behaves.

Here is an idea. How about you stop trying to tell people what they should do. Worry about what you do because thats the only person you have control over.

While I agree that overly celebrating a first down catch is lame... at least our recievers are making first down catches!

That's why I always liked Barry Sanders.

Like the old saying goes...

"Act like you've been there before".

i like it when Davis does that,it’s not overly excessive, he’s just having a little fun, i liked when he did it against B.C, i liked when he did it against T.O in the first half (especially the first time he did it) because we were still in it, but when we were down by 20 in the 4th quarter and he did it, it wasn’t so great.

All he is doing is pointing his arm and finger. Its so sad that anyone would have a problem with that.

Fans will complain about ANYTHING on this forum. The big first down catch that Davis had in the 4th is what set up that Cobb TD. If you don't like how he acts then avert your eyes after he catches the ball you control freak.

Davis is one of our biggest playmakers and anything he does is nothing like some of the A holes in the CFL.

He's the new Craig Yeast. On the interception in the endzone in week 1 he didnt even try to knock it down, didnt jump, didnt go after the DB... nothing. Even if he takes an interference penalty we're still in FG range.

Shows little effort to go hard after balls but is the first to tell you when he catches one.

And quit yapping especially when you're losing.

I was impressed with both Cobb and Porter when they scored. If I recall they flippped the ball to the ref nonchalantly and then went and celebrated with their teammates like they had done it a thousand times.
Works for me.

As long as he makes important catches that he has who cares! :roll:

See, I think the difference in opinions about Chris Davis are more cultural and/or generational more than anything.

I bet you'll find more younger people who grew up with the current era of professional football more in tune to the enthusiasm that Chris Davis shows on the football field. I don't see anyone complaining about the Hugh Charles backflip or the countless flips of one Henry "Gizmo" Williams of yesteryear, or even Geroy Simon's posing and gesturing.

Personally, Chris Davis' enthusiasm is perfectly fine with me. I think he is going to be a good receiver for us this year and beyond, and showing that he cares and him trying to get himself and the crowd pumped up is never a bad thing.

I have no problems with first downs!

  • paul

I love when Chris Dose the 1st down Show Boat..
Reminds me of Roy Williams of The Cowboys ..(Mind you I hate Dallas)
He not as Bad as Mr Bruce

I'm against any of the showboating stuff. If you jump up because you're legitimately fired up, then fine. But I don't like any of the bravado shown for the sole purpose of rubbing your opponents face in it. Pretty unsportsmanlike and dishonourable.

Plus, its bad karma and can only serve to get the other team to wake up.

Every team has at least one and he’s ours.
I can do without the hot dogging but he catches the ball and it’s better than spider man masks and playing dead.

Do it after a touchdown... (as the above do)... not after a 6 yard reception getting blown out by the Argos at home.

Geroy did it a few times after after first down catches last game

And he also looked like a fool cause they lost.

EDIT - He's Geroy.... he can pose. Chris Davis can pose when he accomplishes a third of what Geroy does.

Wow, he's just having a little fun, he's NOT rubbing his opponents face in anything, just a quick double point, and back to the game. And if everybody lived by the "don't bother showboating if your not as good as Geroy" BS, the game would'nt be exciting at all. Geroy WAS a good receiver, but he's not showing too much of what he WAS yet this year. I like Chris Davis, and I like his little first down showboats. Keep up the good work Davis :thup:

As long as he does something stupid after he drops a ball then.

After a drop pick up the ball, run out into the open and drop it again. That's some showboatin' I'd like to see.

Davis will do what he wants, after each reception. To each his own but IMO I dont think its necessary to flash the forward progress sign after each catch. I can see doing that after a big reception but not when your down by 20 points to the Argos. Well, At least he`s catching the ball!

When you look at it, how often does he get a catch? And how often is that catch translated into a first down? Let him have his moment if he so chooses.