A serious wake-up call....for Maas.....

All I can say with the cuts...to 2 great Vets like Mike and Rob......
Mass had better.....find himself....or do whatever he needs to do....to become the starter we were all expecting "last season".
Or the message from the coach to "all" players....could not be clearer.
Friday night's game...will go a long way...to putting everything in place.

Man, will the Maas stuff stop. The season hasn't even start. On top of that Maas hasn't even played a preseason game this year.

If he finally....lives up to half the expectations of when he came into town....I will be the first to cheer him on....
Until then...I will not....period.

Maas’s “wakeup call” was when his father ( a cop) was shot dead when he was ten, to be blunt about it.

It puts things into perspective about where his drive comes from.

He’s a competitor. Ask Ricky Ray. Ask his teammates here.

If he loses out to Chang and/or Butler, it will be Charlie Taaffe’s decision about on-field performance in 2007, not some platitude about collateral damage to job security that had more about shoring up our Canadian depth with youth than signal-sending.

One can say it signals a new era in Steeltown, I think (the last links to the 1999 team being gone).

Taaffe has said it’s Maas’s job to lose. That hasn’t changed.

Friday is a big test.

Oski Wee Wee,

Last year's performance was a football wake up call.

As was the signing of Shaun King.

I doubt the Hitchcock and Morreale releases will affect him that much at all. Nor should it. He's a pro, and this is pro football.

I`ll bet Maas wishes he had a great reciever like Milt Stegall to throw to on Friday . I mean he has no idea really who is his GO TO receiver this season . Lets hope somebody steps up and shows Jason and the team that they want the ball and they can get open on crucial plays this season .

I`ll bet Maas wishes he had a great reciever like Milt Stegall to throw to on Friday
While we are out on a limb, I bet Jason hopes he wins the lottery ;)

He had "go to" guys in Vaughn, Flick et al to start last season. From the sounds of it, Jason is healthy and has a group of talented young receivers with guys like Curry, Alston, Ralph, Dickerson, etc. Now, one or more will continue to step up like they did in Winnipeg and become a go to guy.

Knowing who the Go To guy going into Friday isn't important as knowing we have guys who can become one. We we will see who keeps making plays.

And Jason seems pretty instense, I don't think he needs a "wake up" call, having 4 other QBs in camp I am sure helped fuel some competitive fires.

Look forward to the game Friday!

I agree with the first post in this thread. Maas now realizes that no one is untouchable when it comes to cuts. Frankly, Maas should have been cut last year, but we didn't have a coach with the guts to do it. That is different this year with Taafe in charge. Hopefully now a fire will be lit under Maas, and we will see his best instead of what we got last year.

Also, I think Hamilton's offence will have a lot of "go-to" guys this year. Ralph in particular will have a great year. He and Maas have a great chemistry. Also, Bauman and Getzalf will surprise a lot of people, I think. As will Alston, Walker and Curry. Did I mention Lumsden, Holmes and Radelein catching balls out of the backfield? Lots of weapons. More than fans realize.

4ticats7 , my point was that we dont have, yet anyways, a great reciever like Stegall ,Simon ,Copeland ect that Maas could rely on Friday night . No doubt he will be nervous and thier will be the IDIOTIC FANS who will boo every incomplete pass and interception even if it`s not his fault .

It would make life so much easier for him if he could throw to a guy like these recievers and get into a rythum . We dont have that guy and we didnt last season either .

You are all right All of MAAS' problems last year were in fact his.

It could not have been the following:
lack of creativity in the play calling
lack of proper offensive planning
the amazing coaching staff to support the team
firing a head coach to be replaced by the Gm who had what kind of record in his last year of coaching prior to the Gm spot.

lets face it MAAS has a lot of work to do. But his work ethic and determination to succeed will prevail!! Players are always on a bubble it is the nature of the game. the Coaches are not preaching anything new, they are simply laying it out there and giving him a chance.