A serious inquiry(merged)

I am posting this on all the western conference forum sites:
As an easterner and avid CFL fan, I see that, once again, there is an inpalpable disparity between the western and eastern conferences.
I honestly thought that this may be the year there would be true parity. Instead, we have a situation where a team like Edmonton—in a desperate situation as far as making the playoffs is concerned—would likely be challenging for first place if they were in the eastern conference.
B.C. and Calgary would have at least 12 or 13 wins by now if they were in the same situation, and Roy Chivers would be toasted for his success, rather than dismissed.
Occasionally one, possibly two, eastern teams make a statement. Overall, though, the west is much better, overall.
This is the way it's been for the last 30 years, so it certainly can't be dismissed as a trend.
My question to you is: Why do you think this is so?

...because we go to bed later than you guys so we have more time to do our homework.....lol, seriously, I don't know, but I do think it's not quite as bad as you think it might be....Edmonton can't beat eastern teams this year for one, IMO they would not be fairing any better in the east than they are right now...

....is the west more passionate about their football than the east, no, I don't think that can be said truthfully....is the west blessed with better owners than the east?...again, no, I don't think that is true either...It's a interesting question pel but one I can't solve for you....

Hmmmm, we all know West is Best and East is least. 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Nothing else to add! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thats why when those Easterners vacation out here in Gods country they end up moving out here! :wink:

…Edmonton would likely be challenging for first place in the east???..lol lol…lets’ see, :oops: they lost the season series to WINNIPEG…they lost the season series to HAMILTON…I think if they were in the east they would be challenging for the basement…exactly where they’re going to end up in the west… :wink:

Well my answer is.....Its not!
First of all the schedule is far to unbalanced to really say that one division is stronger than another. This year one team can play another 2,3 or four times. Each division has a weak team and depending on who they play 4 times that year it can make a big difference in the division.

Lets crunch some numbers.
I calculated the average number of wins per division


So over the last 7 seasons The east has had a better record 3 times the west had a better record 3 times and there was 1 draw!
So its a tie!

Lets see which team had the best record!

So! Over the same 7 years, the east had the winning-est team twice. The west twice, and there were 3 ties.
We have another tie in that categorie!

Lets see which team had the worst record.

Three times the East had the worst record. Three times the West did and there was 1 tie!

The way I see it.... The West is not so much better than the east......
They're tied!

Nice number crunching, ro!
Dare you to take the "Winnipeg" factor out of the equation...(just trying to make you work harder!)

Anyway, things ebb and flow in sports, and it is a good thing, not a bad thing.
I maintain that the worst thing that ever happened to this league was Edmonton winning 5 years in a row.
The league had many other problems as well, but fans lost interest when one team was so dominant.
This year, the west is best, next year it might be the east. The beauty lies in the fact that it does change from year to year. And that once it is play-offs, anyone can get it done!

....I'll second that.....for multiple reasons......


East isn't weaker than west? Roro1313's use of statistics doesn't quite seem right. 7 years seem rather short since there were other decades when the west was more dominant. Instead of average number of wins per team, another way is to compare games between west and east. Even if the west has more teams, the stronger division would have more wins because every team plays 2 games in balanced schedule.

Edmonton's record against the east is 0-6 right now, so I don't see how playing 2 more games against the east would improve them.

Sportsman wrote:

Thats why when those Easterners vacation out here in Gods country they end up moving out here!

No, the reason we move out there Sportsmen is that we feel sorry for you guys with the way you live, like sort of prairie and mountain lunchbucketers, so we move out to show you how to be a first class Canadian. :lol:

Take the numbers anyway you want to. If you choose to believe the west is superior to the east.....go right ahead. The numbers are what they are.

As I mentioned the schedule is unbalanced and we can never say with complete certainty which is the stronger division.

Maybe the west does have a better record against the east but have you ever considered that changing time zones favors the west and put the east at a slight disadvantage?

Dont people check the standings, 2 of the top 3 teams in win% are in the East.

Great posts. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to sit down to a hearty meal of the food for thought you guys provided.

you could always look at grey cup wins, hmmm east wins again at least in the short term or very long term. i realize if you pick somewhere between the two you may be able to change that. a while ago someone did look at the winnipeg factor and showed some rather convincing evidence that whichever division wpg was in tended to be the strong division of that year. now what does that mean. either wpg has has some tough luck or they are always so bad that their division rivals are guarenteed some extra wins. i will go with option one because wpg is certainly not historically a weaker team in the league(with a few exceptions that i am still trying to forget)

I think this East-West debate isn't all that significant. In the last four seasons, the East has won twice (Montreal in 2002 and Toronto in 2004) and the West twice (Edmonton in 2003 and 2005). So honestly, who frickin cares which division has the better regular-season record?