A sensor for everything

Since they have so many sensors for such things as smoke, leaving keys in cars, lights on, seat belts, home security, etc, I think they should make sensors that let us old people know when we have forgotten to do up our Zippers on our pants. Maybe when you leave your house, your pants wake up the neighbourhood with sirens. :slight_smile: They could call them Hot Pants

FYB, only so far manufacturers can make things “dumby proof” in some cases. Mind you I wish they’d up the research on these types of devices as I find myself forgetting a lot more than usual nowadays I say. Ah the brain still “sorta works” I suppose. That’s all we can ask for FYB as we get older. :-*

Aide: ahem, Mr. Churchill, your fly is un-zippered
Winston: no concern, a dead bird never leaves its nest