A Second CFL Draft (NCAA NOT CIS)

I've pondered this idea for many years and I'll share it today (despite knowing some of The Flame Kings will go nuts denigrating the idea)

Here it is:

A second CFL draft - perhaps 2 or 3 weeks prior to the NFL college draft. Perhaps 3 rounds, certainly no more than 4.

Each CFL team (drafting in the identical order they would draft in the CIS draft) selects 3 or 4 U.S. college players (of any ilk, Canadian, American, Hawaiian, Mexican, German).

These players form the essence of a college neg list; not supplanting the current CFL neg list but complementing it. CFL teams would have 1 full year to sign their draft picks - obviously the NFL would take first precedence for many of the players - unless strategy dictated CFL teams draft from small college and un-drafted seniors)

After the year - if the player remains un-signed by either their NFL or CFL drafting team they could place said player on their standard negotiation list - with all the rules that prevail in that environs.

A few reasons for this - 1. It forces CFL teams to put their money where there mouth is and tip their cards about who they want; 2. It would bring a minor amount of publicity, obviously huge publicity in Canada but the American networks, regional networks and college sports radio and magazines might take interest, 3. More opportunity for players to have the light shone on their college careers.

Anyways, that's my yap. What's yours? :cowboy:

But the upcoming draft is not just a CIS draft it’s for Canadians that are playing in the NCAA too. Most of the first rounders in the draft will be Canadians that are playing in the NCAA.

I am for any strategy that increases the pool of talented players available for CFL rosters.

The thing is, we are already there.

Because of the vast salary differential, the NFL will always get first shot at signing its own draft picks. And first dibs at undrafted FAs. And the CFL will be next in line.

How does your idea change this?

The only aspect of the CFL model that I dislike is the secrecy that surrounds each team's negotiation list. I can't understand how that strengthens the league.

I've always wondered about the secrecy surrounding CFL negotiation lists, too! The only conclusion I can draw is that CFL GMs & scouting staffs have enough pressure on them to produce top rosters - the cocoon of secrecy prevents Joe Phan from laughing at certain choices or cajoling local franchises to sign others asap. By keeping fans and media in the dark - little to no conversation is possible!

I wholeheartedly agree the league needs to improve the Neg List system. It needs to be more transparent and fan friendly.

I view the Neg List as sort of a draft of these American players, making them exclusive property of the drafting CFL team. So why not have a formal draft of these players?

I think we should keep current draft of Canadian USport and NCAA players, separate from a 2nd draft of American NCAA and NFL players.

Then after a few seasons, each team might have 20 drafted players, perhaps augmented by a 25 player Neg List, kept secret if necessary. Players could be released from either list at any time, but with no time limit on drafted players' eligibility.

The PR of an annual CFL draft of American players might become substantial on both sides of the border. It might be considered a joke at first down south, but soon many American players (of a certain stature, for example) might target the CFL and keenly follow the draft...along with their family, friends and football fans.

CFL fans would become involved too, helping find that diamond-in-the-rough who might slip through the NFL and be available to CFL teams. Which NCAA players should they take a gamble on in the draft...and so on. :smiley:

I'm not in favor of the proposed second draft. Each team has its scouts operating on the NCAA level and, the scouts compete with each other in accumulating players. Their work will have a huge role in enabling NCAA players to come North to the CFL. The players usually are competing with each other, some scouts are better than others and their actions will, to some degree, play a meaningful role. The American draft is the major one, separating the most valuable NCAA in a ranked system. There is no need of putting these guys to yet another Cfl draft albeit a Canadian one. Our scouts occasionally find a diamond in the rough who is not involved in the NFL one. The road to the NFL comes through the players NFL camps where the best are evaluated and get to play in the big league. I don't believe another draft is required at this point. Indeed our scouts are often participants in this major draft.

One other benefit of my NCAA Limited CFL Draft would value selection over negotiation. Years back I laughed when Brendan Taman would make his way south to negotiate and sign American players. Most people thought he was the pizza delivery guy - not a renowned CFL executive so he was forced to take Big Dave Ritchie with him. Big advantage when you get silver-tongued American devils like Hillbilly Jim Barker, Eric 'The Beltman' Tilman and Jim "Goes The" Popp wangling with young American prospects and their families/surrogates. Really unfair when you're a canuck GM like Kyle Walters being pitted up against a slitherly form like King Korky Jones or somesuch.
Drafting equalizes negotiations and allows CFL teams to stockpile their own selections based on team performance over a few years. It takes the silver tongue out of things.
Perhaps that's the main reason I actually suggested it.

[url=https://soundcloud.com/pifflespod/piffles-podcast-s2e3-conversation-with-the-commish]https://soundcloud.com/pifflespod/piffl ... he-commish[/url]

this was fairly recent interview with the commish. at around 33.25 on the pod cast he discusses the neg list pros and cons

I think they are wrong not letting the fans know who is on the list or at least draft 3 or 4 rounds to add US players

Not a fan of the US player draft, but I fully support publishing the neg list. I see no downside. A team puts a player on thier neg list, the other teams know, the player knows (I assume). The only people that don't know are the ones paying the bills!

Open the neg list Mr Commish!

Give me something else to look at on your website......(more advertising $$)

The NFL has drafted many Canadians in the NCAA for years, so I don't see it as a stretch to allow CFL teams to draft American players.

Just as with the Neg list the CFL uses, you don't need player consent to draft someone. All you're really doing is claiming first dibs on that player in your league.

I'm pleased you understood my concept. A draft (albeit only 3 or 4 rounds, 27 to 36 players) favours selection based on standing (like the regular CFL draft) vs. [b]negotiation.

[/b]If your team doesn't have silver-tongued orator (who can break the ice with families, wives, southern players, etc.) then you're behind from the get-go in terms of the neg list. Besides, I sincerely doubt the CFL uses a rotation system based on standings to decide who can place players on the neg lists - and when! By the way, what kind of a system do they have when it comes to placement?

I'm pretty sure that players are first come first serve with neg lists. The one limitation is that each team only gets a max. of 35 players they can keep on the list. So if they want to add a player, they typically need to remove one.

I'm sure the teams have access to each others lists, because it would encourage trades.