A Saskatchewan weekend sweep?

Congrats to the U of S Huskies, who are moving on the next round of the CIS playoffs after a 32-15 vicotry of the U of M Bisons at Canad-Inns. Hopefully this will provide inspiration the the other Saskatchewan club in action tomorrow at BC Place!!!

I couldn't agree more.....Good Luck Saskatchewan!!!!!!!!

The Huskies played a great game! Congrats to them!

I really hope you guy can pull the trick on BC, because over the last ten years, we've had as much difficulties beating BC as we've had an easy time crushing you. If you beat BC, we are an Eastern final away from the Cup. Toronto would be the only thing standing in our way.

I'm not saying we are going to beat B.C. because that's going to be a tough game.

But WOW are you starting the trash talk early.

playoffs are a whole new game and the riders are hungry for wins, and they like the comebacks as we proved in calgary

If im correct Henry Burris beat his old 4 out 5 times before the Western Sem-final this year. If you think BC is going be a tougher GC game for you guys, think again. Als were .500 against the Riders this year as well, so EITHER team that wins the Western Final will be favoured in the GC game.


I don't think that T&T is trash talking. I agree with him in the sense that if Mtl makes it to I cup I would rather see them play SSK than BC.

Over the years BC has consistently beat Mtl while Mtl has consistently beat SSK.

Why would a 1-1 record over the Als make SSK the favorite? Seems to me you would look at the past years where Mtl is something like 10-2.

Maybe because the Als are 3-8 in their last 11 games this year

So if Montreal wins is B.C. a win in the western final away from hoisting the grey cup?