A sad moment in Bills history...

A sad moment in Bills history...
A great moment for us. Take that border-crossers.

The low point in Bills history came in the build up to their second season. Desperate to prove that it was the real deal, the AFL challenged the Canadian Football League to an exhibition game. It was decided that the game would be between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats an[url][/url]d the Buffalo Bills on August 8, 1961. The Ticats were one of the best teams in the CFL at the time and were chosen because they were geographically close to Buffalo. It was thought that beating a CFL team would prove that the AFL was at least the second-best football league in North America. The NFL had sent several teams against teams from the CFL and had won every game, so it was thought that victory against the CFL would be easy. Playing in Hamilton, Ontario, the game proved to be a disaster for the AFL as the Ticats crushed the Bills 38-21, playing a mix of AFL and CFL rules. To this day, it is the only time a pro football team from Canada defeated a pro football team from the United States.


Well, it is a moment of history. The "to this day" part of the quoted passage is incorrect of course, since US-based teams were beaten by Canadian-based teams in the CFL during the 1990s, most notably by BC's win over Baltimore at home in the 1994 Grey Cup, 26-23.

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That's nice but I'm not going to do a Phil Lind type of gloating sort of thing, the fact remains for me the NFL has the most celebrated and in most cases better talent because they can pay the big bucks and are not constricted by any import/non-import rules while the CFL is the game I prefer for many reasons including the fact it's mandate with the import/non-import rules means that it is not first and foremost about just the premier talent coming out of colleges which allows it to be what many Canadians want to see - a more Canadian operated and controlled entertainment product.

Get over it!!
It was 47 years ago!

Be proud of the CFL enjoy our game, and quit trying to compare to the NFL or run the NFL down to try to boost your argument as to why the CFL is better.

Have to admit I hadn't heard about this and was intrigued.

As for CFL pride, I spent most of high school and university listening to NFL fans run down the CFL. :frowning:

If we can take constant criticism, why not the so-called NFL elite?


More CFL vs. NFL/AFL encounters in the clip linked above.

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