A sad day

Watching the game last night I kind of felt sorry for Bob Young. He's spent the monies, put in the thought and effort, listened to the fans, did all he could to bring back the roar only to have gotten a team that that can't play. The blame for the team's lack of performance needs to be spread amongst the management, coaches and players alike. Last nights performance was ugly. The saddest part for me however was that I could see that some of the players had out and out quit playing. I think Bob needs to quickly identify the performing parts of his club and then clean house big time.

I could not have said it better Monty.
In all my years of watching the Tiger Cats, this by far was the worst outting and effort I have seen in like forever. (And I have been on sidelines for some important games and lost, however there was effort put into those games)
True to my form I stayed till the last play, the last whistle. Hoping to see even a glimmer of effort and at least 1 point..

Been there, done that too. It was called the 90’s :oops:

good news ... it can't get worse....on the field.

I wouldn't bet on that

bring back sauve, history repets itself at IWS. Lumsden left the team left with him. Sauve left and the team left with hime. Thee is no heart and soul left on this team, there is no fire in the belly of these guys. There is no fight in these guys. There will be no fans should they continue to be the asses that they are. Not all of them But most

Smile and wave people smile and wave.

The current failures of the team are not Bob Young's rather they are solely the fault of the football people that were hired to do the job of building a winning team.

Sure Bob likely is indirectly responsible because he put the football people in place. However, I refuse to lay any blame on him.

Not suggesting that anyone else posting in this thread did either....I am simply venting here.

The failures of the team are solely because the football people have completely dropped the ball. The Cats have been outplayed and out coached in every facet of the game pretty much all season long. Players look like they have quit on the team now too.

Even if this team finally "gels" it is too late. They are still too far behind the rest of the league now and will be only be playing catchup now.

I truly hope that a miracle somehow does happen and this team wakes up...or I wake up and realize this nightmare was just a dream...

Enough venting for now...going to go the positive route and believe that Lancaster will put the fear of God in this team and they will kick the 'peg's rear on Friday.

I've got the utmost respect for Lancaster. They don't come any better. But I think it's going to take more than a lecture to beat the WBB next week. No offense against awesome defence = not a hope in H-E-double hockey sticks!