A Sad Comparison

Hamilton Tiger-Cats – Established 1950 / Ottawa RedBlacks – Established 2014

Despite winning only 2 of 18 games in their inaugural season, the expansion team has a better record, both regular season and post-season, in the 4 & 1/2 years of their existence.

Ottawa – 36-42-2 / 3-2 post season, including 1-1 in Grey Cup games – .457 / .465 overall

Hamilton – 35-45 / 2-3 post season – .438 / .435 overall

Head-to-Head – Ottawa 6-5 + 1-0 post season.
@ THF – Ottawa 4-2
@ TDP – Hamilton 3-2 + 0-1 post season


Not to mention that with their win over the Bombers last night they have basically unofficially already clinched 1rst place in the East this season before Labour Day has even rolled around . :-[

Hands up everybody who actually thinks we will catch them for first place ? Hmmmm , didn’t think so , don’t see too many hands in the air if any at all on that question .:-[ :frowning:

Well, if we beat EDM, here on Thursday, bringing both teams’ games played total to 9 or half the season, and beat Ottawa by a converted TD in one the two remaining head-to-head games, and do no worse than tie the other game with them, then all we’d have to do is to get is get one more win, than them, in the other remaining game 7 games each team will play:

HAM: Home to TOR, CAL, BC & MTL. Away @ TOR twice & BC.

OTT: Home to MTL, EDM. WPG & TOR. Away @ BC, SSK & EDM.

Or, in this scenario, beating EDM and beating OTT twice, while just matching their number of victories in the other remaining games would also see HAM finish first.

Not impossible. But, you’re right bobo82, my hand is not in the air or even moving, at all, upward.

Love Ottawa as a team, city, and fanbase.

Full of young fans who have a great time at the game. Full 360 concourse. Everyone wandering around having a great time.

No one bitching that folks aren’t watching the game, no one bitching that folks aren’t at their seats, no one bitching that fans are on the big screen, no one wishing that their qb/rb/hb/sb/etc should be replaced by their favourite player from 1955.

In fact, in the East, no team has a fanbase as dedicated as the RB’s.

They deserve to win.

Reading our fan page(s), we deserve our fate.

I can’t believe I would admit Hamilton is full of whiners while Ottawa is full of real fans. (based on the stereotypes surrounding the cities of Hamilton vs Ottawa).

I wouldn’t call our fans whiners. I would say we have endured so many bad teams and many years of frustration. If we didn’t care there wouldn’t be anyone voicing their concerns, Oskee Wee Wee …

Guess that depends on how you look at it.

Maybe entitled is a better adjective. Just a quick browse over the thread titles over the last 6 weeks is most embarrassing.

Either way, Ottawa is a great team with a solid fanbase.

If the cats aren’t winning, I absolutely want to see Ottawa win. Screw the arblows and the larks.

RB’s are a success story.

As with any successful business, it all starts with ownership. Ottawa`s ownership, led by Jeff Hunt is smart, motivated and passionate (driven) about what they do and it shows in all aspects of the organization.
Bob Young, I would argue, is not here because he wants to be but more because he has an obligation to fulfil and that, in itself, is commendable. But, Bob Young at a football game is as out-of-place as a guy with a nerd pack riding an electric scooter to a Harley biker rally. He intentions are good, but he just doesn't fit in. To me, the Carefaker, bless his heart, has never demonstrated any passion for the game of football - in fact, I would question if he even likes the game.

To be a good owner takes much more than throwing money at the franchise and signing every cheque shoved in front of you by Mitchell. A passionate owner does not turn over operating the franchise to others and then allow himself to be led around and acquiesce to their every wish and stand by tacitly as the team fails to achieve its goal for now approaching 15 years while observing other franchises such as Ottawa and Toronto assembling Grey Gup winning organizations under brand new ownership in less than 5 years!

We would be whining a lot less if we had their record and their team. Especially, the 1-1 record in the grey cup and a potential hof qb replacing the best qb an expansion team could ever have.
We were very chariatble to the RBs releasing our hof qb and a great reciever, ellingson to build their championship team.

It is what it is…hoping we’ll get our issues resolved and have a solid second half of the season.
The, so called, tough part of the season is over, it should be smooth sailing from here.

(But no we will not win the division…we’ll barely make playoffs…anyone want to put money against a Marc Tressman team??)

So why don’t you pack up and move there?:o ::slight_smile:

In Ottawa they don’t have thousands of fans being no-shows every game, and of those at the games 1/3 of them are not long gone by the time there is 3 minutes left in the game regardless of the score like what has become the norm at THF.

Plus their fans are WAY more into the game and create a real home field advantage atmosphere - something pretty much completely missing for 2+years at THF. I think we could challenge for the award as quietest crowd in the CFL these days. 10,000 fans at BMO Field make more noise than we do.

How do you even pretend to know what Bob Young does behind closed doors? ::)This has to be one of the most baseless posts on this forum! :o

man, these comments are exactly what I’m talking about.

you know there are European Football teams that haven’t had winning seasons in over a decade and their fans are still ferociously supportive.

Knocking Bob Young for this teams success (or lack thereof) is the perfect example of entitlement.

Which games did you attend in Ottawa in the last two years?

Because I've been to the Cats games in Ottawa, and the fans are no more "into the game" as they are in Hamilton.

Our home game against the 'Peg this year was loud!

Not sure if you read my handle. That should say enough.

I'm an extremely proud Hamiltonian. Which is why some of this fanbase makes me sick!

I remember what the team was like when we didn't have any ownership. I remember what the team was like when we almost folded. I know what the team is like now.

I'll take now please.

And I'll take Bob Young as an owner for as long as he's willing to be one.

Sounds like a lot of whining going on here! :’( :’( :’(

Hey look on the bright side! 8)

Masoli didn’t throw an INT or fumble this week :slight_smile:

Not 1 hitch screen was called. :o

The Defence didn’t miss any tackles or take any stupid penalties. :wink:


Special teams didn’t give us horrible field position. ???

Is it Bob Young’s fault Zach (who was having an MOP year) tore his ACL? Is Bob Young supposed to get involved with personnel and coaching decisions?

Some people’s ignorance is their bliss. If they write it, it must be true. I’m with you on this. It’s not Bob Young’s fault other than he is the owner who has faith in his management. Not a bad trait these days.

As pissed as I am at losing, the blame game on these forums is ridiculous.

Sounds like a lot of whining going on here! :'( :'( :'(

Hey look on the bright side! 8)

Masoli didn’t throw an INT or fumble this week :slight_smile:

Not 1 hitch screen was called. :o

The Defence didn’t miss any tackles or take any stupid penalties. :wink:


Special teams didn’t give us horrible field position. ???

don’t forget, we didn’t line up in shotgun position when positioned on the goal line.


Well said, although I do believe Bob does love the game, he knows nothing about running a team and hence why he has Scott Mitchell. IMO this regime has made the same poor decisions when it comes to the actual on field product and the success that relates to that. While we have had a consistent run of success financially the actual on field results have not changed in 30 years.

Without the financial success, this board would not exist.

sounds like Bob Young is doing his job PERFECTLY!