A Rules Question

Haven't seen this, but am curious as to what the proper call would be.

Team A has the ball, 2nd and 10 on Team B's 30 Yard Line. The QB throws an interception, and Team B returns the ball to their 40 Yard Line where the ball is fumbled and Team A recovers.

Is it

A. First and 10 for Team A.


B. 3rd and 20 for Team A

First and 10 for Team A.

Once Team B gains possession of the ball, the continuity of downs is broken. If they lose possession and Team A recovers, it is first down for Team A, no matter where it is on the field.

Interceptions and fumbles are considered a change in possesion, so i think it would be 1st and 10 for team A

A. makes totally sense

B. doesn't

it hapend to the argos this season, but not behind the first down marker