A rule that is never applied

There is a rule in the CFL that never seems to be enforced. Just once I would like to see it called, not because I think it is a good rule but because because I would love to see the expression on the coaches face.

What is this rule you ask?

Article 7
A) The team jersey shall be tucked inside of the pants and shall remain tucked in through out the game. If the jersey is pulled out during the game he shall be required to tuck in in during a break in the play.

L10PDB The player shall be required to leave the game for a period of three plays and shall not be permitted to return until the dress code violation has been remedied.

Can you imagine all the squawking and whining some posters would be doing if this penalty was ever called???? :lol:

I think it would produce some very entertaining reading

Sounds good to me!

Long Live the CFL

i've seen it called in previous years, but as of late

I like that idea. Isn't there a rule about taking your helmut off on the field?

That's actually a relatively new one, that you can't remove your helmet while you're on the playing field. That's because some people were pulling their helmets off and using them as weapons, and people were getting hurt. The new rule seems unnecessary, though, because I think it's always been illegal to use your helmet for a weapon. During official timeouts though, when the water boys come out, or during injury timeouts, they don't enforce it. But when you are going into the game, you have to put on your helmet before you leave the bench area, and you'd better not take it off until you get back to the bench.

The dress code violation penalties are silly, if you ask me. I once saw the Cats get a 10-yard penalty because one player's socks weren't pulled up high enough.

These things remind me of those "dumb laws" that you see every now and then, like "it's illegal to walk your chicken after sunset" and stuff like that. They exist, and they can be enforced, but they usually aren't, and should be removed from the books.

Actually you can remove your helmet but you have to ask permission first.
That rule was because a ref got bonked while two players were arguing.

I remember Pringle got called for it a last year, It was 3rd down and the offence was getting off the field and he was still about 5 yards from the sidelines when he took it off

hey, but Pringle always takes his helmet off when walking off the field, so did Roberts, but know he just has it on his head

i wouldnt want to see it called outta the blue during a game....maybe if, during the offseason, they notified all the teams and players...so they have warning they are gonna be enforcing it.

Like I said only once and thats for a reaction...

If it's in the rule book it should be called, can you imagine late in the game down by two, the call is made and two big grunts on the O line have to leave the field for three plays...yikes...cheesy rules in a hockey league I used to coach in were always saved for the end of the game, if your down on the score..call the guy with ripped up pants, sometimes the ref's would refuse to make the call, Basically there refusing to call the rule book, either remove the rule or call it..

I agree

all these rules are applied in minor football, i never seen a flag thrown but i know the refs ask you to tuck it in!

How About This One: Three Years Ago I Was Playing A Game In Ajax/Pickering And Mid Way Through The Forth Quater We Were In A Huddle When The Ref Came Up To Our Star Tight End And Said The He Had To Get Off The Field Because There Was Blood On His Arm. At This Point In The Game Most Of The Players Were Bleeding On Both Sides And I Think It Was More Trying To Give An Advantage To The Home Team.

I have no problem with that one(as long as it is called equally)
Lots of nasty thinkgs can be transmited through open wounds

There must be something wrong with my eyes because when I was reading ro1313's first post when I was reading "tuck" my brain kept sending me a different word.....
and this rule is in many other sports but isn't really enforced either. Don't know about hockey though

What word did you think you saw? :roll:

The same thing has happened to me once or twice

I still get that called in university ball, it’s a good rule.

ro1313, look...your question popped up in ask the ref.....There's your answer.

Wait a minute he says we enforce it yet we rarely call a penalty. A bit of a contradiction don't ya think?

Hmm, I wonder if Ask the Ref is reading these posts.....Hmmmm

I'd love to see Ask the Ref debate some of the posters that accuse the refs of fixing games......What a hoot that would be!