A Rule Change I Want in the CFL. Off The Field

Not sure if there was a thread for this, I wasn't bother going to look through hundreds if threads haha

But with the yearly rule changes that happen on and off the field. One that I would actually give a rats behind about would be to RELEASE the OFFICIAL information on Player Salaries to the public and newscasters. It would give us fans something to talk about instead of guessing on how much they make from varied reports from numerous sources... This is one of the biggest annoyances of this league.
Apart from a Grey Cup being held anywhere but BC, Edmonton, Toronto or Montreal (Olympic Std.) (stadiums that hold more than 50,000 and dont look like dumps). But that's an argument for another thread :lol:

Any thoughts on the confidential player salary?

how much do you make??

Why, so the NFL goofs can post crap and make fun of a guy making 90,000 for 5 months,

I agree. I think players salaries should be disclosed and open to public scrutiny.

As per your other concern I'm not sure what you're driving at. In 2013 the GC will be held in Regina. It was in Regina in 2003. In 2000 and 2009 it was in Calgary. In 2006 it was in Winnipeg. In 2004 it was in Ottawa. Winnipeg will be hosting the 2014 GC. As for Hamilton, which has not hosted the Cup since 1996, if the city is successful in building a new stadium tied in to the 2015 Pan Am Games taking place in Southern Ontario, the facility may be used for either the 2015 Cup.

I personally don't care if the salaries are disclosed but to me it is a wonderful reflection on this league if a skilled player can make $90,000 which makes him think also about a life after football and not simply be a fighter patrol type guy, there to fight when need be who happens to be able to skate, making upwards of $500,000 and much more in the National Hockey League.

I love this about the CFL, it makes the players in most cases think beyond the playing field to a career or at least a job after football.

I think it would be a different story if these players were making millions. You end up hearing the contracts of most of the top end guys, but they stay tight lipped about guys making under 150k.

The GC will have over 50k seats for 2013, and it is in none of those locations. Lack of lodging is another story.

I don't see the point of revealing salaries either. At least not individually.

I do hear the occasional outdated comment from people who still find the league to be a joke about how players have to have a second job to make ends meet, so I wouldn't mind, perhaps during a state of the league type of thing, if increases in average salary was talked about, but I don't need to know it on a player-specific basis.

AS a fan, all I care about is contract length, not value.

I agree with the OP... I think that the salaries of players should be made public... we know the salaries of politicians and every other pro athlete, so why not CFLers? I don't have any qualms about how much I make, so why should the salaries of football players in this country be such a secret? Is it a matter of national security? :lol:

In every sport where salaries have been disclosed, there has been significant upward pressure on salaries. Guys see what others are making and use it in their own negotiations. For this reason, some players' associations (including the NHLPA) pushed for the release of salary info. If they were to be disclosed in the CFL, I imagine the same thing would happen -- how would that be good for business?

Why do you need to know the salary of CFL players? The CFL is more popular than ever before and I see little need to change. What next, publicizing the team's secret negotiation lists? Oh my, when will the madness end! :expressionless:

It is a matter of information privacy. Politicians are payed by tax payers, so yes, their information should be public. Tax payers are not paying players, so it is not a matter of public record.

After the dust settles over the new TV deal, salaries should I repeat, should go up to a point where it could allow for more disclosure.

As for publishing the neg. lists I'm all for that one.

Irrelevant comparison - as someone has already stated - WE (the public - the taxpayers) are effectively the employers of our politicians and deserve to know what they are paid. We pay the wages (tax) and cannot legally stop paying. We are not the employers of the CFL players, we are the consumers of the entertainment product and if we don't like the value of the product we can voluntarily stop paying for tickets, stop paying for TSN cable, stop buying team merchandise and stop listening to local radio broadcasts. We have no right to invade the privacy of CFL players anymore than we already do.

The world has lost too much privacy already - I'm opposed to losing more for anyone where there is no valid reason to do so.


While it is true that we are not the “employers” of the CFL players there is a flip side to what you say. We the fans are the lifeblood of most professional sporting teams. Without us, the athletes wouldn’t be in the position they are.
Fans, directly or indirectly, are the reason the players get paid. So fans quite rightfully expect to know how their club is spending its money. More specifically, fans believe they deserve to know how much the club’s players are earning.

While it is true that fans can simply choose not to attend games if they feel they’re not getting their money’s worth, many fans are seasons ticket holders who “invest” thousands a year. They feel a sense of entitlement and I agree with them. No fans, no CFL. Public disclosure of what players receive comes with the job in my opinion. I remember when Printers was signed on by the Cats. He was getting $500,000 annually. The fans appreciated knowing because they wanted to have a say in whether or not he was worth such a salary. Many felt he wasn’t and voiced their opinions accordingly. More recently, Geroy Simon was traded to SSK. Will he be worth the salary he is going to be paid? I think fans have a say in the direction the club chooses to go and their voices are not heard just at the gate.

I agree that as taxpayers we have a right to know how our taxes are being spent thus in the public sector salaries are disclosed. However, in most private sectors salaries are open to scrutiny as well. Far more than you realize. I could list off a myriad of private sector occupations/careers where the salaries can be found right online. Why should pro sport athletes be any more private?

When it comes to pro-sport it is true, we the fans are not the player’s employee… or are we? :wink:

Oddly enough Most NFL'ers are bankrupt when they leave the game, look at how entrepreneurial CFL'ers are. Many develop nice careers while they are playing. In the end its not how much you make its what you do with the money. Just means no Supercars and idiotic jewelry. Durant drives a 300S, Calvillo likes RAM pickups...

Well said Rob!