A rough start to rookie camp

. . .
Session one of Calgary Stampeders rookie camp has just wrapped up, and I find myself right now tucked into a cubbyhole at a Calgary Public Library because there's no power at McMahon Stadium
Which, if you're into that sort of thing, could be taken as a bad omen. The lights went out just prior to the start of the first session, and rookie prospects had to get geared up in a dark locker-room.
More of concern is that I couldn't get online to check my Facebook scrabble games, but that's another story.
Anyways, 60 minutes after the scheduled starting time, the rooks finally hit the field for real, and it took precisely 19 minutes for offensive line coach Kris Sweet to be heard screaming at one of the O-line prospects to, "Knock him on his ass!"
Yes, it's football season.
If the power outage was a bad omen, there was definitely a good omen provided by the fact the Stamps were a perfect 19-for-19 in getting their new import players across the border. According to my predecessor Mike Petrie, now the media relations guru for the Stamps, that has NEVER happened. Someone generally forgets a passport or a money-laundering charge somewhere down south and gets held up at the border. Didn't happen this year. Which knocks one potential story out of the to-do list.
As for who looked good? Well, they all looked good. C'mon, it's early. I will tell you that Henry Bekkering is a freak of nature, and if he can learn the footwork necessary to be a pro football player, he could be scary.
I will also tell you that Eddie Montgomery is fast. Dude can flat out fly, which you might expect because his brother, Tim, was a gold-medal sprinter. He's in prison now, but he was still fast in his day. And it looks like it runs (get it?) in the family.
Eddie, by the way, is listed as five foot 10, 170 pounds. Cough (yeah, right) cough.
A handful of vets took part, too, including all four quarterbacks — Henry Burris, Dave Dickenson, Ben Sankey and Barrick Nealy — as did a bunch of veteran receivers: Nik Lewis, Jeremaine Copeland, Ryan Thelwell and Greg Hetherington.
Early candidate for worst-dressed returnee: defensive lineman Miguel Robede. Understand, I thought his shorts, featuring some kind of bizarre design, looked fine, but I defer to Stamps managing partner Ted Hellard, who took considerable delight in mocking the former No. 1 draft pick about his fashion sense.
Well, who am I to talk?
More later today . . .