Make a change at qb, why not, Cory had his chance, doesn`t have CFL arm strengh nor the ability as a CFL qb, maybe due ok in the NFL with the smaller ball and small field with four downs.

                                                 Rita, Joseph gives you the best chance to win, he  won a Grey Cup and he can play the CFL game at qb, Cory cannot!

Marty York reported today in a Toronto talk show that he has evidence that Kerry Joseph sent a copy of Leonard Cohen's song , 'I'm YOUR MAN' to Adam Rita with a card signed KJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :slight_smile:

Joseph needs a team around him to play well. Look at what he did with the Riders and did a great job with the Renegades. Even if you put him in, he may not be enough to save the Argos.

Joseph needs an offensive scheme that is catered to his skill set. Toronto tried to have him act as a pocket passer, and that's not going to work. Pickett isn't that old, the reps will help him improve.

The biggest reason is that KJ is done, while with Pickett there is at least an up side and the possibility of winning.

In the last game, Cody Pickett seemed like a guy who was begging to get pulled from the game. Not saying he won't develop into a good CFL QB, but I think this is just too much, too early and the Argos would be well served to have KJ inserted in the game, a la K. Glenn relieving Porter in Ham...if not start. The Argos desperately needs some veteran presence on the field.

Although I'm not sure Coach Andrus is on the same program. In the NFL it's a slap in the face for the starter to be pulled mid-game, while in the CFL the QB switch-er-oo is commonplace.

KJ, although playing for a winning Grey Cup team, played poorly in that GC win. I believe that game was the start of his downfall. Pickett shows potential!

Agree and disagree. . .

I agree that Joseph was not stellar in that Grey Cup game. . . Winnipeg lost it more than Saskatchewan won it, in my recollection.

But Pickett showing potential? Not so sure there. He's 0-5 as a starter, that doesn't indicate much to me (although Mike Kelly thought an 0-5 starter named LeFors was ready for prime time. . . and we all know how that's turned out). Mind you he's QBing a pretty sad team so it's really hard to tell. He might have some potential, I'm just not convinced at this point.

Quinton Porter was 0-5 last year. Dosen't mean a damn thing on a team with issues. Argos commited six turnovers, only one was Picket and it was tipped, wasn't even his fault.

Argos have to focus and start playing like men.

Does it matter at this point if you're Toronto? Gotta do something to try and add a spark, so put his @ss in there. He couldn't possibly be any worse than Pickett's been. The boy looks like a lost puppy out there.

I’ve been saying that for the whole time KJ has been an Argo… I’ve seen Joseph play only one game where he played to his MOP form of 2007, he led the Boatmen to a comeback win against the Eskimos… it was vintage KJ.