A return by SJ Green?

"In a perfect world that is what I would want – to go back to Montreal and finish my last year," Green said from his home in Tampa.

Not certain where he fits but I am sentimental enough to be open to the idea ... always assuming the contract is reasonable ... he was a great Al ... waited three years before he became fulltime and then was a stalwart for six years before injury wiped out his 2016 season.


Avec tous les problèmes mentionnés par Maciocia concernant la masse salariale, je doute qu'il aille les fonds nécessaire pour rapatrier Green. Même s'il les avait, ils seraient mieux investis ailleurs. Nous n'avons pas de problèmes dans la position des receveurs. Je verrais Green davantage à Ottawa où le besoin est plus criant.

Sinon, si aucune autre équipe n'est intéressée, je suppose qu'on peut lui donner un contrat d'une journée afin qu'il puisse prendre sa retraite dans l'uniforme des Als comme on l'a vu pour Nik Lewis ou certains joueurs dans la LNH.

I think S.J. Is a perfect fit for Montreal.
He surely can still play. Also a very popular player in Montreal.
He is just one of those guys that were veterans that got caught in the cap squeeze.
XFL provided a great situation for him playing for pay close to home.
With how the XFL pay scale worked even with the shortened season followed by folding up shop.
Housing and meals were provided like it would be in college football in XFL as a team.
Best estimation for my is he made around $ 1500k US. Only playing a couple of games.
That would be the equivalent of an upfront CFL signing bonus of 20K or so with exchange rate.
Which is money already in pocket. So at least 20K less off of what the cfl salary it would take for him to sign

Maciocia told fans that Posey was let go to make room for younger receivers. If that is true, how can he sign SJ? This isn't meant to be slight at SJ.

How so? blabla bla bla 20 character minimum

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ALL general managers ### SAY ### "stuff" to explain moves ... but ignore it later if convenient

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Every move is unique.

Posey was released no doubt for a lot of reasons. But clearly they wanted Bray to take his place.
Then Bray ends up in prison , no doubt.

So they bring in Roosevelt to fill the need.

SJ is a totally different situation and has nothing whatsoever to do with Posey imo.

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Agreed ... and I don't see SJ at 35 (entering the regularly scheduled season) ... and with his yards/catch having dropped every year from 15.8 in 2014 to 12.2 last season (some might be the team "around" him but some is undoubtedly also him) ... getting an unreasonable salary ... think this may be an example of a player, who already liked playing in the city, hearing great things about Khari and wanting to put off retirement and return "home" for a last season

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We are pretty set at receiver. As much as Johnny likes SJ, we should be looking younger.

3rd and goal on the 6, game on the line. I wouldn't mind having him as a target out there at all.

Speaking of SJ, and completely off-topic, i have been enjoying TSN playbacks of some classic Als' games. This weekend, they showed AC's record-breaking pass to Jamel Richardson in the 2011 Als-Argos game.

On Friday they will replay the back-to-back GC wins in 2009 and 2010.

So, somehting that should put a smile on our faces during this COVID thingie!