A request

I would like for everyone who had not done so, to update their profile with their location or better still their favorite team. I think that this would help to explain why some posters rank catagories as they do. I believe that “some” rank with their hearts and not with their heads.

…and some rank with their heads up their butts…

Does that happen here? I thought it was all non partisan…

Regarding updating the profiles, I have my location listed, but couldn’t find favorite team. I think we profiled our “desires” and favourites on a post a few weeks ago.

Web designers???Can we add favourite team to the profiles?

Actually I meant put the favorite team in the location slot but, having adding the slot would be good.

I have tried to look up favorite team from that post but it takes a while and it will eventually be gone

Common guys!!!
Only 68 out of 754 regestered user have listed their location in their profile.