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This is why they are implementing the salary cap on football operations, starting in 2019. Maybe you missed that announcement?

Id be interested to see what the Ticats pay Austin, Jones, Glanville, and Tilman combined. I bet those 4 alone earn more than half of what the Tigercats pay their entire 42 man roster.
Mazoli earns less than Glanville and about 1/3 of what Tillman, Jones and Austin earn. The league is broken completely and fans are walking away by the hundreds of thousands

How are they going to implement that? All contracts are guarenteed? Its way bigger than just the coaching staff. Office staff are earning salaries larger than starting QBs as well
The treasurers for teams are earning more than a quarter million. Then bonuses on top. Meanwhile Manziel barely earns 100k US. The league is completly assbackwards

How are they going to get 28 employees down to under 3 million when teams like Hamilton pay just 4 guys 2/3 of that. How is Wetenhall going to pay his sons if he has to abide by a 2.8 million cap.. lmao.
Popp and Trestman have contracts that run past 2019 and collectively earn more than half of that amount.
Maybe Randy should take an equal percentage of pay cut from his 750 k salary that he is expecting the coaches to take.
Badicly, you will never see a CFL coach ever fired again if this cap is actually successfully implrmented.
0-18.. no ptoblem.. You have a 3 year contract.

Id love to see MLSE's books in 2019..
Bill Manning salary will read. 1.8 million in compensation fom TFC.
35k from the Argos..

You could speculate how the team will blow it in this year's Grey Cup.

...all I know is it will be spectacular

none of that statement is true

Trestman is highly paid...it was a team with deep pockets in desperation mode luring a fantastic coach who brought them a championship immediately....and it is an extreme anomaly. Austin's 600k is cheaper than delving out each of the hats he wore.

Do you walk into a grocery store and wonder why the cashier makes more than the store manager? Probably not. Outside of the sports world, this is reality everywhere...you move higher in management and you make more. Really, it is much of the pro sports world that is messed up and backwards...leading to pricing points that many simply can't afford to go to games.

Who cares whether they go straight for the search function or post away. Last time I checked this is just a football forum. I don't think we need a Sheriff.

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