A request: Be encouraging and patient with newer posters

Just want to ask that people try to be encouraging and patient with newer posters when they start off with topics that have already been discussed. They don't know what all has already discussed and they want to give their opinion. That's great. All the best to them. Its not the end of the world to re-discuss things every once in a while.

I'm more in favor of them learning there is a search function. But to each their own.



No kidding man.

No offense, but this place ain't exactly going off left and right with posters and the reception I've gotten has been pretty cold.

The community on reddit is more active, if you're on that.

If I have to cross paths with the lunatic on the Eskimo board again I'll hope on over, especially if you can PM the link good sir.

Oh, it's just r/cfl

Sorry you had that experience. I suggest taking the high road next time and being polite to them. It confuses them.

Thanks rsh!


I know, in my case and probably others too, that your reception may be cool due to caution. We've seen quite a few wingnuts come and go over the years. We are still dealing with some. :wink: I am not making excuses for anyone who was rude or insulting.

Welcome Cletus. Glad you're on board!

Thanks man! Glad to be here.

I lived in Canada the last few years and fell in love with the country and the league.

Hoping to make some friends and find some guys for my fantasy league so I can still have someone to talk CFL with now that I'm state side.

Unfortunately I am not a fantasy league guy. There must be some here who are.

Well played

I have tried that approach in the past, and was lambasted for bumping a years old thread.

You really can't win either way. All part of the fun of posting on a message board, I suppose.

I'm with you. The Search function is a valuable friend.


I'm an efficiency expert. I never like to start an additional thread if a near identical one already exists.

I would therefore have leaped to your defence. I don't respond kindly to those who complain about "necroposting".


This is the same dude who accused me of cluttering the message board because I bumped a post looking for fantasy enthusiasts.

Because this place is really popping off with posts left and right. No one has even posted in the Calgary Stampeders section in a month.

As one of the "regular" posters in the Stampeders board ... what do we have to post about? Most of the topics are covered here in the main board.

We have no QB controversy. Our players are well behaved (read "no" legal problems) and those that aren't are removed quickly (on and off season). We have a perfect record so far this year (even if we haven't been playing anywhere near perfect). We will probably get to the GC again this year ... and (just to beat the rider fans too it) probably lose in the big game - but this is months off. By all accounts we have the premier organization in the league.

So what would you like us to have "private" discussions about, where we are protected from the "trolls"?

Could it be that other boards are busier because they have more things to discuss? Hmmm ...

Has it been discussed how the SMS has destroyed the league and turned it into a coaches and management league where the Gms earn double of what the starting Qb earns and the average player salary is less than half of what an assistant coach earns.
Not to mention the ever expanding number of coaches on every team and how many of the best players are being sent packing for cheaper inferior players.
This league can't even sign its first over all pick. Not because the NFL is interested, but because you can earn more money as a roofer then they are offering him. Yet morons like Jones get 750. Kent Austin makes 600K to do basicly nothing and Mark Trestmen gets almost a million to run a 2-5 football team.
God knows what the moronic Wetenhalls ars paying that geriatric fool who has trouble even dressing himself.