A rekindling of the 1 vs 2 divisions debate

That is BS…no one is handed anything

Where did I say that? I said the west will only be happy when that is the case

Bottom line is the west is now the weak division and I expect this will soon stop

The CFL has always been East versus West, not unlike the NFL’s National against the American Conference in the Super Bowl . These title games help unite the 2 countries . It’s all about geography . Crossovers don’t do that .

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I don’t know what the situation is now, but I remember that for decades, NHL fans would constantly argue that the West dominates the East.

There is a reason why most North American sports have East vs. West. It’s because of time zone differences. When a game starts at 7pm in the West, it’s actually 10pm for the East team and the game ends past midnight. Conversely, a game that starts at 7pm in the East actually starts at 4pm for the West team. That said, I’ve noticed that games in the West have often started earlier in the past year or two, so it’s not as unfair as it used to be.


My Solution: 12 Teams - 3 Conferences

Western Conference - BC Lions / Calgary / Edmonton / Vancouver Island Team*

Central Conference - Ottawa / Toronto / Hamilton / Winnipeg

Eastern Conference - Montreal / Quebec City* / Atlantic Schooners* / Newfoundland Labradors*

What happens to SSK?

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I don’t think WPG and SSK should be split up. They make such great rivals.

I div for every province that has teams :slight_smile: only first place teams make playoffs

At 12 teams 2 divisions makes more sense. Keep the playoffs top 3 with no cross over. Under 500 teams would barely qualify.

Got rid of em I guess LOL

Maybe I don’t have things figured out :thinking:


Due to lack of fan support the Riders were forced to fold and wound up relocating as a new franchise known as the Newfoundland Labrador Riders .


Then they discovered that there was already a team there called the ‘Labrador Riders’ and they were forced to rename their team the ‘LabradorRiders’.


So is it Nippon-Ham Fighters or Nippon Ham-Fighters​:laughing::rofl:


They’ll always be the ‘Nippon Fighting Hams’ in my book. Remember the team cheer?

“Cook 'em Hams!!!” (or was it, ‘Oinkee Wee Wee?’)


Here is what their team logo looks like . It would appear that the team has gotten very corporate since the move . No more melons as you can see , only nattily attired three piece suits . It screams that this team means business . :dog: :sunglasses:


“I’m shocked” how did nobody got it correct… the obvious new name would be the Newfoundland Labrador RETRIEVERS


or they could be the NFL wannabees

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Problem is when they make a catch, they bring the ball back to the qb.


Another problem is that they have a hard time carrying a stick around when they’re wearing their helmets .


Are you joking? The quote literally says 6 wins (as in the 3rd place road team)
No mention of winning a division with anywhere close to 6 wins (I dont think its mathematically possible…)

I have had this argument with many short sighted west fans
It is (and always has been) cyclical but they seem to never accept this
Some years west is better, some years east is, some years they are pretty even

But for some reason every year we all hear how Argos (2022) and now Als (2023) were somehow “gifted” Grey Cups and should never have been allowed to host a playoff game

More teams + unbalanced schedule does favour a 5 team division over a 4 team division

I pointed out a few times if East is “easy” the simple fix is move Bombers back. Doing so would certainly see more Eastern cross over races

Hate to break it to you but Eastern teams are worth far more than Western counterparts

Even those lowly Argos who play in empty stadiums

Hamilton is the highest valued team in the CFL DESPITE not winning the big game in years


Victoria and Kelowna :rofl:quite laughable.

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