A Red Sox hat in Glenn's locker?

Seems a bit curious since he grew up in Detroit. Anybody know if there's a story there?


I bet you the Boston Red Sox baseball cap belongs to Quinton Porter.

Seems like we need to teach these guys a thing or two about Baseball

Does anyone care?

I'm a RedSox fan that lives in Hamilton but yeah i would've thought it would QP's more then Glenn.

Someone of the same mindset could say they would figure you're a Blue Jay fan.

That's exactly what i'm saying.(I do like the Jays 2 just not the most)

Not everyone in S. Ontario is a Bills fan. ( Now with me,there the stereotype is true; I'm a big Bills fan).

I'm a Bills fan too.What I find in this area is the fan base changes like the colors on trees do each and every year.Whoever the superbowl champ is, expect to see those "fans" pop up.Never saw a single Saints jersey or hat in Hamilton until after they won the superbowl.Now that's all you see.

I'm a Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics fan myself. (living in Hamilton)

By the way, I've never been to a Maple Leaf or Blue Jays game in my life and don't plan to either.

I don't really have one NFL team. More like 5-6. Seattle, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Arizona, Cleveland and Tampa Bay.

Baseball I cheer for the Jays. Used to be the Expos.

Basketball is San Antonio and Toronto

I do not follow Hockey.

Porter's still gotta learn a lot about football.