a record for Reilly in a losing cause?

Mike Reilly had a game for the ages last night throwing;

35/46 (77%) for 511 yards, 3 TD's and 0 INT

anyone know if this is a record for the most yards thrown by a QB in a losing cause?
or completion percentage?

or both?

Well, both QBs outstanding games...really, you can not ask for much more from either side.

76% passing is a superb stat, but I would suspect there have been several better completion percentages in losses. As for yards...not too sure on CFL, but a couple years back...I believe 2011, last game of the year, the Lions QB (Stafford I believe) threw for 520 and lost to the Packers...Ironically Flynn set a packers record in that game with 480 and 6 TDs. Don't recall the final score, but both sides were over 40.

yes, I would imagine there could be better completion percentages by a QB in a loss, although cannot remember a CFL QB throwing for that many yards (511) without notching the win.

and of course Ray was exceptional as he has been all season.

That was an awesome game; I remember watching it.

As long as defense ain't your thing...but really, it wasn't actually even horrid D...just 2 QBs having career days.

I was fortunate enough to be there :thup: which is why I recalled it

That many, and no INTs...that is impressive.

Lions at bombers 1985, Bombers win 33-26, Dewalt threw for 503 and lost. Clements threw for 470-80ish.

Danny Barrett set the single game passing record with 601 for the Lions in '92 or '93 - in a loss, Only for Dunigan to beat the record the next season with 713.

Also, I believe that Sam Etcheverry threw for 500 yards in a Grey Cup in the mid 50s and lost to the Eskimos who ran for 300-400 yards.

actually, Barrett and Etcheverry both won their games.

While playing for BC, Barrett passed for a then record 601 yards vs the Argos on Aug. 12, 1993
(Final score BC 55, Argos 38)

and Etcheverry, an Alouette, passed for a then record 586 yards vs Hamilton in 1954
(Final score- Montreal 46, Hamilton 11)

Thus, it appears that Reilly currently owns the CFL record for most yards passing (511) in a loss.

Doug Flutie threw for 582 yards on Oct 12, 1991, which is the fourth highest in CFL history, and lost the game. The other three QBs won their games, so this is the most passing yards by a QB in a losing cause.

The completion rate record is harder to find, and it also depends on your condition (min. 20 passes or something). However, I found a game by Kevin Glenn in 2007 where he completed 26 of 33 passes (78.8%) and still lost the game, so Reilly didn't get that dubious record either.


solid digging

I stand corrected.
thanks for the info Gornaldatron.

yes, Flutie does own the record, passing for 582 yards and losing in overtime to Edmonton in '91
Final score- 45 Edmonton, 38 BC OT

Well I'll take your word on Barrett, I always thought that game was a loss, but I can't find the score of that game for the life of me.

But as for Etcheverry, I did say Grey Cup (not regular season), and I found that one in the Grey Cup records pdf in cfl.ca, the rifle did throw for 508 in the 1955 Grey Cup, the only man to throw for 500+ in a GC, and his Alouettes got blown away in that game.

Awesome game for both QB's, nearly 1000 yards of passing.

How many of those yards were in OT?

does it matter? A game is a game

Well it's a record, and records are nice things but really not that important so on one hand it doesn't matter.

But on the other hand, it's the same thing as setting a season passing record in a 14 game, 16 game or 18 game schedule. Especially that 1992 Lions season, they played 18 games, had SEVEN OT games (and OT was 2 full 5 min halves then) adding over a nineteenth game worth of playtime to the sched, and Flutie took 90% of the snaps all year, and the playbook was 85% pass, and set a 6600 yard record. You can compare that to Warren Moon (the man who Flutie beat for the record) who set it in a 16 game schedule in 1983, was pulled in the 4th quarter of many games with a 30 point lead and handed off to Jim Germany nearly 20 times per game, and still threw 5900~ yards. Sure, Flutie has the record but it will always make for interesting discussion.

George Reed claimed just a couple weeks ago that he could easily have rushed for 2000 yards if he had 18 games to do it. Pringle still holds the record and both Sheets and Cornish are on pace to beat that.

Mickey Mantle.

It's a record, it's interesting discussion.

But I agree with Reed…a game is a game…a season is a block of games…I’ve always felt season records should be based upon average for the # of games in a season, not the actual total.