A question

I am new to these forums so I don't know if this question has been asked.

With the divisions both having 4 teams is there the cross over rule for the play-offs this year?



yes, from what i've heard the league wants to keep the cross-over rule in this season so the top 6 teams in the league will make the playoffs.

....yup, same rule as before, if the fourth place team in a Division has a better record than the thrid place team in the other Division they will cross-over to replace that third place team in the Divisional semifinal...

Will it happen?

I hope not. Those Eskimos can sit out for once.

I still hate the crosover though :roll:

i'm on the fence about the cross-over. in theory it's good to have the best 6 records face off, but i still think the tradition of east vs. west GC game should be kept intact.

without starting the same old argument all over again.

With the unbalanced schedule a better record does not mean a better team

totally agree ro!

but the CO does BOTH of those things.

My opinion is that they shouldn't have as many teams in the play-offs. They should have the top two teams from both divisions. But then I would use the cross-over if one third place team has a better record than the other divisions second place team.