A question of retirement...

I clicked onto the Saskatchewan roster and didn't see Daved Bennefield's name listed. Did he

(1) Retire?


(2) Get cut from Training camp?

Just curious. He was a favorite of mine when he played in BC and I kind of followed him when he went to Winnipeg and the Riders.


Daved was not invited to camp this year by the Saskatchewan Roughriders. As far as him officially being retired or not, I cannot say. I do not know if he has filed any retirement papers with the CFL office.

And I agree, I have always been a fan of his as well. Even when he did not play for the Riders.

Daved wanted to spend more time with his new child and decided to hang up the cleats. He still writes the occassional article for Riderville.

I've also seen his articles in the Vancouver Province, but he also wrote those while playing in Saskatchewan last year.

Thanks for the info!

never mind Daved 8) if we cant sign or afford Montford :roll: go after Collier :wink: or is there a reason he got released :?

he wanted to be with his new kid… Its as simple as that. He has said that. And its understandable…

This was posted on the CKOM website today about Daved Bennefield.

[url=http://www.ckom.com/index.php?p=localsports&action=view_story&id=3635]http://www.ckom.com/index.php?p=localsp ... ry&id=3635[/url]

Former Rider Gets TV Gig
posted June 13th, 2006

Daved Benefield may not be on a CFL field this year but he will be talking about what's going on in the league. Benefield will be a part of CFL telecasts on CBC this year. He will be responsible for a feature called "The Rant" every week.

Bennefield will be good for TV.....When he played in BC he had a show on Roger's Cable. He is well spoken. Hopefully he'll eventually replace Chris Walby.

Chris Walby’s voice makes me want to kill myself

i hear u :thdn: its always Winnipeg this Winnipeg that :roll: :stuck_out_tongue:

I swear Walby doesn't even come close to the four tsn guys, i just can't stand listening to them especially jock climie or whatever his name is, when its half time i just click mute and flick on the radio to ckrm! :lol:

Jock Clime and Matt Dunnigan drive me insane. Not to mention Dave Randorf has no personality. Half the time I watch Rider games on mute and turn on Rod and Carm on CKRM for commentary. Don't even get me started on Pierre McGuire for all you hockey fans out there!

Matt Dunigan is bad...he was horrible as a coach, even worse in the booth. One too many knocks to the melon, ya think?

i dont think Matt Dunigan has ever said a good thing about the Riders :roll: the Riders could win 4 in a row but he always bashes the Riders :twisted: ya 1 to many knocks to the head :lol:

Dave Randorfs nickname in Vancouver was "Dave Randork!"

nuff said

I get such a kick out of Carm Carteri. Could he be any more biased?

Carteri is horrible. We should put John Lynch back in that booth, he bleeds green, but at least you knew where he stood. Carteri could even make Walby look good, thats how bad he is!!

I just get a laugh out of his ignorance. As far as Carm is concerned, the CFL officials have never made a decent call.

I think I read today that Khari Jones is going to be doing some comentary for CBC.

As for the worst announcer it has to be Shawn Millington. The guy studders and has a bad time pronouncing words. I also think that Greg Friers is horrible. I can't even remeber what position he played all I remeber is he played for Calgary.

Walby is more biased than what Carteri is and at least CKRM is a local station.

I think Frers was a DB or a Safety for Calgary